Barefoot and coatless for World Vision 2

This morning my pal Mummy Barrow shared a photograph of her cold feet out walking her dog without shoes on and tagged it #BarefootCoatless. I was interested to know why so I went to her blog and read todays post. Mummy Barrow went to Jordan recently with World Vision to see the refugee camps and it is a follow up to this, saying that refugees fled their homes in fear. The took what they could grab, and for most of them planning ahead to colder months was unlikely to have crossed their minds. A bomb lands nearby your house, you don’t plan and pack a suitcase, you’d grab the children and leg it in whatever you were wearing wouldn’t you?

Skydiving for wimps or how to tandem jump 3

Well guess what? At the weekend I skydived again with team #MMskydive but there was a big difference. I was still very much afraid but this time I didn’t hate it. When you arrive at a skydiving centre for a tandem jump you will have to sign waivers and the like, the small print of this can be frightening enough. You might be asked to sign medical forms and you will be asked about next of kin. Some centres will also ask you to step on the scales, despite how nosey this might feel it is a wise thing to know, planes are often loaded up to make the weight as even as possible. Also if you are deceptively heavy for your appearance (as I allegedly am) you need to be with a tandem partner who will cope with a person your size just in case there is an issue. […]

Fundraising for #MMskydive 1

Well I am already challenging my fears by skydiving despite not being able to climb up the ladder to my son’s bunk bed. I have a huge fear of needles.  Huge. Doctors often give up on the idea of injections or if it’s essential I have actually been restrained to have blood tests. What’s more ridiculous than skydiving with vertigo? THIS Having “ink” when walking past a tattoo place frightens you is really daft. BUT as this is my third skydive I need a new idea. This idea might be totally stolen off of Mummy B who just got a red nose on her bum. And I mean it. So please share or tweet to folk you know that might sponsor me to do this. The donation link is I would also do it for a company or any person willing to pass on a grand to The Lullaby […]


The owls need YOU! 5

Near me is the wonderful Barn Owl Centre and their feathered friends need your support. They are trying to raise £30k so they can buy the farm they are based on. They’ve been renting since 2008 from the council. If they can buy the farm the future will be more secure, they can do the improvements they need to do and not worry about whether the lease will be renewed or not.

The Barn Owl centre in Gloucester 6

Recently the boys and I visited the Barn Owl centre, it is very near home yet we had never been.  It is not like other bird of prey centres I’ve visited, this place is all for the birds and their welfare. It is a registered charity dedicated to conservation, education and bird welfare. It was a boiling hot day when we visited, and some of the birds were sulking a bit – but to be honest so were my sons so fair enough birds. I couldn’t fault how the birds were treated though, and they all had plenty of water and food. First we met Paddy, a sweet looking 11 year old female barn owl. We walked along a tunnel-like corridor towards the flying barn, which had old cinema chairs and a big screen they use for education. Paddy sat on a beam at one end of the barn, and was a […]

Would You Like The Bad Photos? 2

#MMskydive might be over but I am still fundraising and my justgiving page is open until Christmas. So no problem if you are waiting for pay day to donate a pound or three? I paid £95 myself for a camera man to jump out next to me. This means I have 90 pictures, in HD no less, clearly documenting my fear, panic attack and well, terror and pain. If I get to £500 on my justgiving page I’ll share them. They are BAD! I’ve shared just 5 of them with the skydive team and they’ve been wetting themselves laughing.

Retail Royalty Challenge – Helping Charity for Free 4

When I read that MoneySuperMarket wanted to give bloggers £30 to spend on a local charity, I jumped at the chance. The idea is us bloggers get a budget of £30 (given to us by MoneySuperMarket for this challenge) but we have to try to buy more than £30’s worth of gifts or items that your local charity would like. Maximum benefit of the cash if you like! They’ve called this the #RetailRoyaltyChallenge and the winner gets a massive Harrods hamper, which I wouldn’t mind but to help a charity for free, I already feel like a winner. I decided that I wanted to help Cheltenham Animal Shelter (I’m abbreviating to CAS), you might have noticed I do love my pets, all six of them! I had a look around the Cheltenham Animal Shelter website : and discovered they had an Amazon Wishlist so had a look through at what I […]

#PRrequest Help a Charity and Sponsor Me 4

Hello!I’ve had an idea to get fundraising for the #MMskydive. As the cute badge on my side bars tells you, I’m jumping from a plane in July for charity. I am doing this for the family of Matilda Mae, as their story really touched me. I’m actually scared of heights, confined spaces, strangers, wide open areas and lots of other phobias, so this was a pretty big thing for me to join in with. I will be high up, in a tiny plane, strapped to an instructor I do not know and surrounded by fellow bloggers, none of whom I’ve ever met in real life so are strangers still, and the place the instructor aims for will be a massive open space! It ticks lots of phobia boxes, but I’m determined I’m going to do this and I’m convincing myself it is good to force yourself to do crazy things […]

Helping Charity for a few clicks?

After all the recent fuss about photos of sick kids on facebook I wanted to write something positive, to try to encourage sharing in a good way. If you have managed to avoid this new craze of pimping out photos for as many “Likes and shares” as they can get, then consider yourself lucky. I’m all for helping ill children, and there are lovely sites out there like Post Pals, where you write a letter or send a present to a child via a lovely team of people, so the child’s home address never gets made public. Or you could have a look around on Just Giving for people doing sponsored things to raise money for charities. Or you could even start an event, do a sponsored walk, sitting in a bath of baked beans, or having your hair shaved / dyed ludicrous colours in the hopes of getting charity funds. Or […]

Ladies night for Ayllah-Beau

Last week I blogged about signing Ayllah-Beau’s petition, to try to get the gloucestershire hospitals PCT to treat her illness fairly. She needs an operation, without the operation she is going to be fed mechanically for the rest of her life, 18 hours every day. The operation is not common procedure but has sucessfully improved several peoples quality of life. If you haven’t signed the petition see my post last week for a nice widget linky to the petition. Http:// And now I’ll get to my point, LADIES NIGHT, in aid of Beau. “Ebony & Ivory are hosting a Ladies Only Charity Gala Night on Thursday 26th April 2012 at 7pm in aid of the Ayllah-Beau Campaign. Its being held at The Seasons Wedding & Conference Venue, Swindon Village, Cheltenham GL51 9RX” Hurry if you are local and want to attend, its only a fortnight away. Details of how […]

Charity shopping 4

Yesterday I went on a charity shop rumage as kids have grown again when we are skint (why are growth spurts always at bad times?) and due to this I was looking for anything for my boys. A few of the shops were stupidly over priced, for example a Primark tshirt, the ones that are £1.50 normally was £2.00 second hand and faded. One shop had a brand new with tags still on Ollie shirt for £1.50. How can they vary so much? Sadly most is charged at more than its realistic value. In Salvation Army they had a “bargain basket” which was 20p an item. Mainly socks, vests, gloves or scruffy looking items, like wearable but donated dirty. In this basket I found several items suitable for my lads. 🙂 these bits washed ok and don’t look too bad…. was happy with this until walking past Mind Jen shouts […]