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I’ve had an idea to get fundraising for the #MMskydive. As the cute badge on my side bars tells you, I’m jumping from a plane in July for charity. I am doing this for the family of Matilda Mae, as their story really touched me.

I’m actually scared of heights, confined spaces, strangers, wide open areas and lots of other phobias, so this was a pretty big thing for me to join in with. I will be high up, in a tiny plane, strapped to an instructor I do not know and surrounded by fellow bloggers, none of whom I’ve ever met in real life so are strangers still, and the place the instructor aims for will be a massive open space! It ticks lots of phobia boxes, but I’m determined I’m going to do this and I’m convincing myself it is good to force yourself to do crazy things you are frightened of!!


Here is what I am proposing, any company, blogger, eBayer, or community group that sponsors me £5 or more will be added as a sponsor to my “About the Skydive” post, linked from the top of the blog, and any company that gives £15 or more to my Just Giving page will be linked from my “skydive” post, and also linked on the side bar by the “skydive for Matilda Mae” badge. The post will remain indefinitely, the side bar badge will be there until about the middle of August.

Support so far…
Still Here Magazine – a mental health e-zine.
YOUR NAME HERE… please donate.

So roll up, cheap advertising but to help a brilliant charity. The Lullaby Trust.

The Lullaby Trust

Please contact me if you donate and want a link in return, BUT I’m only happy to link to normal websites, sorry had to add that rule, as I won’t endorse any of those r0lex or v1agra type spammy sites that flood my junk filter. Almost everyone welcome!

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