Beautiful Birthday Cakes by Baker Days

Well it’s birthday season in mine and my partners families. Most of the birthdays fall between April and July! So not a bad time to discover Baker Days really.
They send cute personalised cakes through the post, and it was just the right size to fit through the letter box. I was actually having a lie in when the corrugated cardboard box hit my hallway floor with a thump, but the content was unharmed. 10 out of 10 there, you can buy a cake as a surprise and not have to ask the recipient to stay in and look out for the postie.

I choose chocolate cake as you might expect I would, with a lovely pattern and some butterflies and roses.


In the box was a lovely little pastel yellow cake tin and the cake fitted just perfectly in this, which I am so reusing, a little flyer and a mini roll of sweets. I knew what was in the tin but was still exciting to open that tin.

I shared, but was tempted to keep it all!

Baker Days can decorate and deliver all kinds of cakes including
birthday cakes, like this kitch Union Flag photo cake.

Cakes to say thank you, maybe as a random act of kindness, or “just Because”.

Or say “well done” with a congratulations cake.

My personal faves are You passed your driving test, Nurse recommends cake – get well soon, and this new job / promotion cake (which looks like Jenson Button on a space hopper). A-may-zing!

I completely recommend the chocolate version, it was stuck to the cake board with some absolutely divine chocolate cream filling. It was quite frankly so nice I’m surprised it is entirely legal. YUMMY doesn’t cover that cream and the cake was pretty good too.
Little Jen informed me in a serious voice “This is what I want when it’s my Burffday Mumma!” I’m guessing it passed the child-friendly test, and my partner mentioned that filling was gorgeous, and that maybe they should sell it in jars!

This is a sponsored post, I was sent the cake free to try out. All the words are my own.

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