Have You Ever Been Annoying? 3

The following is stolen quoted from Jax’s post Liveotherwise – Have you ever been annoying? Well be careful then, you might be about to become a criminal. Sadly, I’m not exaggerating. You see, in a drive to simplify our somewhat overburdened legislation, the government is currently considering a new Bill, the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill which could make being annoying a criminal act. They are looking at replacing ASBOs with IPNAs – Injunctions to Prevent Nuisance and Annoyance. Now, preventing nuisance and annoyance probably sounds like a great idea. But, think about this properly. This can be applied to a child from aged 10 or up. Do you know any child from age 10 or up that is never a nuisance or annoyance? Perhaps you’re still not worried because after all, there will be a carefully described and thought through series of checks and balances, right. Um. (1) […]

Stop Graphic Images On The Front Pages 2

I read something on T’internet tonight I had to share, Darren of OD3G blog has started an e-petition in response to more graphic images being on the front pages, making them hard to ignore, and lets be honest you can’t unsee the woolwich murders covered in blood once you’ve seen it can you? What’s the problem? Well children actually, I don’t want my child to see decapitated soldiers, or murders or the moment a pressure cooker bomb exploded or piles of bodies covered in cloth after flood/earthquakes. Nor does Darren, and he has a point. The Front Pages petition can be found here.

Freebie or Bargain at the Body Shop 3

A lovely receipt, no charge! At the moment if you say HAPPY BUNNY at the till in Body Shop you get £3 off. No minimum spend, no catch. So I’ve just got some nice. hair conditioner for zero pence. I’m not sure how much longer they can do this, they must have given away massive amounts of stock, so if you’re passing a body shop pop in and just say “are you still doing the Happy Bunny code from the paper?” and then get a freebie. This was published in Metro last week. You can’t use the £3 code against Sale/clearance or 3 for 2, but smaller bits like soaps or travel sized items are potentially free. You can still buy things over the £3 but you pay the rest. This is due to the animal testing ban I mentioned on the 11th March. Body Shop are celebrating the animal […]

An end to Animal Testing? A Petition 3

Over the years I have always tried to avoid animal testing, not just because I keep a pet bunny rabbit, but because I believe hurting animals like this is wrong. Something readers to this blog won’t know is as a teenager I used to go door-to-door in my village in Cornwall with petitions. I don’t think I was popular for doing this, Door knocking with a “ban fox hunting” petition in a very rural place that had its own hunt meet. Picture credit, LUSH It wasn’t just foxes I tried to help, was pretty much any animal campaign by Greenpeace, WWF, The RSPCA or PETA. Save the whales, no to bunny testing, free range not battery hens… that sort of thing. I still very much agree with the anti cruelty message, but I am no longer a vegetarian. I do however prefer traceable meats from proper butchers and farmers, not […]

Did You Know Furniture Should be Anchored? 4

I have just been reading this week about Meghan. A girl who was killed when her dresser, or chest of draws as we’d call it, fell on her. It really shocked me and got my attention. My boys have had their book shelf fall on them! Seems my boys were lucky. It’s eight years since her death and to mark the anniversary her mother, Kimberly, wrote some very long, thoughtful and moving posts. This post explains in detail what happened, and has photos of the furniture. Thing is it looks sturdy, solid, and harmless. Be with me just for today…. it’s utterly heartbreaking, yet beautiful. I could understand a huge fully laden bookcase injuring a child, but killing them?!? I had no idea that those little straps that come in Ikea wardrobe screw packs were important. And I’ve only ever seen them with Ikea items, and never read a serious warning […]

Ladies night for Ayllah-Beau

Last week I blogged about signing Ayllah-Beau’s petition, to try to get the gloucestershire hospitals PCT to treat her illness fairly. She needs an operation, without the operation she is going to be fed mechanically for the rest of her life, 18 hours every day. The operation is not common procedure but has sucessfully improved several peoples quality of life. If you haven’t signed the petition see my post last week for a nice widget linky to the petition. Http:// And now I’ll get to my point, LADIES NIGHT, in aid of Beau. “Ebony & Ivory are hosting a Ladies Only Charity Gala Night on Thursday 26th April 2012 at 7pm in aid of the Ayllah-Beau Campaign. Its being held at The Seasons Wedding & Conference Venue, Swindon Village, Cheltenham GL51 9RX” Hurry if you are local and want to attend, its only a fortnight away. Details of how […]