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Near me is the wonderful Barn Owl Centre and their feathered friends need your support. They are trying to raise £30k so they can buy the farm they are based on. They’ve been renting since 2008 from the council.


If they can buy the farm the future will be more secure, they can do the improvements they need to do and not worry about whether the lease will be renewed or not.

Even if you haven’t got anything to donate please share this blog post, so that an owl loving friend might read it.
The barn owl centre was amazing to my boys and me. We fell in love with Kaln the eagle owl. He is a big bird, although he lives in captivity he’s far from a prisoner. When we met Kaln, Juliette and Vince from the centre were more interested in Kaln’s welfare than visitor enjoyment. Think about that for a second, this is how it should be. When Kaln’s body language and behaviour implied he was bored of being shown he was asked to go back to his aviary. He flew to an archway that leads into the aviaries area. Then he waddled in quite happily and waited by his own gate to go back in.


Here is Kaln walking underneath that arch. Photo by my son D.

The archway was designed based on Kaln’s wingspan so he could walk in with his wings extended. When I was told that was why the archway was wide I thought that’s daft, why would an owl stretch his wings under there? But having seen him do it I totally understand, these little details make all the difference.

If you want to tweet-tawoo (sorry!) with the Barn Owl staff or volunteers you can find them @BarnOwlCentre.

Also I think bird adoption would be a great Christmas present idea for a nature lover. If you want something to show for your donation this is for you, it’ll cost you £45 but you’ll get sent a certificate and an ID card that allows you free entry. If you have a relative that lives in or near Gloucester this could be perfect. See the birds to adopt.


Quoted from

Barn Owl Centre needs your help.

We have been given the golden opportunity to buy the freehold of Netheridge Farm from our landlord, Gloucester City Council.
The amount that we need to raise is £30,000, this part of the deposit of the total sale price of £165,000. To fully unleash the full potential of the Barn Owl Centre we need the spirit of the wider community behind us.
Visit our project page here:

Other ways to offer your support:

1: Visit our Justgiving Page.

2: Donate by Phone
Credit or debit Card Donations can be made by calling us direct on 01452 383999.

3: Donate by Post
Cheque donations to be made payable to Barn Owl Centre
Send to: Barn Owl Centre, Netheridge Farm, Netheridge Close, Hempsted, Gloucester, GL2 5LE.

4: Donate via Paypal
By using your Paypal account simply send to

5: Donate by sending a simple Text
Text OWLZ99 £1-5 or £10 to 70070. For example “OWLZ99 £2” to 70070.

6: Donate via our GoFundMe Appeal Page – This page only excepts Paypal donations.

7: Donate direct via our Website

When viewing our website, you will see that we work to bring people & wildlife together. For us it’s about being interactive & we love showing the beauty of the birds whether they are wild or captive bred rescues. We also enjoy supporting all other wildlife species, this is why we have given most of Netheridge Farm back to support local wildlife. Netheridge Farm, which is the home of the Barn Owl Centre is becoming an amazing place that offers so much, a place where wildlife can gain the protection it deserves!

For those who understand the true meaning of rehabilitation, people who get to meet us soon learn how passionate we are & that rehabilitation plays a key part of our charity. We enjoy sharing our passion with everyone, the younger generation for us are the important ones as these are the next generation of conservationists!

Rehabilitation can in some cases be a very long process that gives no timescale of fixing the root of the problem. It means you have to be very patient, dedicated & provide important stages of care to root out the problem. When cruelty cases such as the one below come forward, we never look backwards. We simple look to the future by working hard to offer the best possible support we can give, please read on & help where you can.


Disclosure : this is not a sponsored or paid post. It is just something I support.

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