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Well I am already challenging my fears by skydiving despite not being able to climb up the ladder to my son’s bunk bed. I have a huge fear of needles.  Huge. Doctors often give up on the idea of injections or if it’s essential I have actually been restrained to have blood tests.
What’s more ridiculous than skydiving with vertigo?

star in a parachute

Having “ink” when walking past a tattoo place frightens you is really daft. BUT as this is my third skydive I need a new idea. This idea might be totally stolen off of Mummy B who just got a red nose on her bum.

And I mean it. So please share or tweet to folk you know that might sponsor me to do this.
The donation link is
I would also do it for a company or any person willing to pass on a grand to The Lullaby Trust via my link. I will do it if my page reaches a Grand, no matter who donates….. despite me targeting celebs.


Please share this image and maybe donate if you can please.

So this time I am losing weight, skydiving and maybe getting tattooed.

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