Big feet are a big problem 2

As you might know I am a tall lass. As a result of this I have tall feet. Long wide feet. According to the high street shop shelves I am a bit of a freak at size 10.

I can only normally get shoes from t’interweb. Sounds great? Loads of choice? Cheaper online?
Wrong! Sadly it means I can’t try them on first – and sometimes I find shoesies like these.


These are size ten. I got them from ebay and was super-dooper excited. Waiting impatiently for them to arrive. They came, and they are long enough, not too high, but they are a bit narrow. Sadly this means I can’t wear them long, well I could if I didn’t stand up! My feet were so sore and I have the scars to prove it.

Why can’t high street shops sell big women’s shoes? Is it fair that shops only sell big shoes for men? I wear skirts, and dresses, and leggins and tights. I don’t want mens shoes darn it. I don’t want super posh, exquisite one offs from designers. No. I just want to be able to get normal shoes. Canvas pumps, dolly strap heels, summery wedge sandals, feminine flip flops, and kitten heeled boots.
Am I really asking so much? I want to buy fun cheap shoes in Primark. Funky heels in New Look. Catwalk style shoesies at George.

*stamps bruised feet*
I am a real woman. I want real shoes. Size 8 is about as much use as a chocolate tea pot. Us girls are getting taller. Dear retailers, catch up. Please.

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