A childfree day and night

Its not often Blokey and I manage to get time alone together, but Saturday was childfree. His Brother stayed at our house whilst we went to the rugby finals at Twickenham. I had won the tickets in the ticket grab game, and as a result I had to try again to grab tickets. Think the Crystal Maze dome. Its like that.


I'm the lass in red and white rugby kit.

I didn’t win this time but I didn’t care. It was a gloriously sunny day and Blokey had caught a glimpse of shiny silver paint out of the corner of his eye. It was Jenson Button’s McLaren – the MP24 we thought, possibly the MP23.


Oh my gawd.

I couldn’t believe it. I went all fan girl. I had to join in. So we changed the wheels, a 3.9 second wheel change is a bit shabby for in a race but flipping good for normal folk. I begged to sit in it, no chance. I begged shamelessly whilst Blokey was hoping the floor would swallow him – I might have been a teeny bit embarrassing. I don’t care, as if you never try you’ll never know.

I said “look I am a huge McLaren fan, and I don’t believe none of you work for McLaren. One of you must be an employee at MTC? They wouldn’t send a multi million pound car out without someone they know watching it. Who is the one I need to talk to? Please please I would love it if my Jen could meet your Jenson!”

They were having none of it. The reason I was trying so hard is on Silverstone F1 weekend it will be my Jen’s birthday and he likes JB a lot. It would be the best birthday surprise ever if Jenson Button came and said “Happy Birthday little Jenson”. Just a handshake, a “hiya mate”, an autograph on my lads Jenson cap. Anything.

But none of them knew anyone allegedly. If Mr JB himself reads this (unlikely but not impossible) can you consider saying hi to a young fan on his birthday on the Friday? We will be camping all weekend, so after hours is fine. We will even give you cake!

Anyway I will leave you all with this selfie. I had to take a photo!


I am not much good at the selfies

After the rugby match, which was amazingly close, and went into extra time, we went to a hotel in Datchet near Windsor. We sat in a pub and had dinner and pudding without a single “Muuuuuum I’m bored” or “I don’t like anything unless its in ketchup”. I love the boys, but its wonderful to be an adult again not just Mum. After dinner we walked along the river and watched planes taking off above us and ducks, geese and swans in front of us.

No arguments about whose having the shower first, or “Mum I can only find one shoe!?!”

It was lovely.

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