Vertigo, No The Other One

For the last fortnight I’ve been a bit wobbly. I had told myself was nothing, just nerves about going to London, about Blokey being in Canada and about the driving test. I was wrong.
It’s been getting worse, so I begged for a doctors appointment.
I get Labyrinthitus a few times a year but this didn’t feel quite like that. The doctor said its BPPV or benign p-something positional vertigo.
Different types of vertigo on NHS choices site explains the differences medically.

How it feels to me… It’s like being stood on a boat, rocking and swaying constantly in the tide. I sway even when sat down. To be honest I still feel I am moving now, as I type this in from my bed. It is unpleasant, very. I feel sea sick and on dry land.

Walking is a challenge as it really steals your balance, I would definitely fail a sobriety test if a police man said touch your nose, touch your toes, walk along the white line I’d fail. I do appear drunk, leaning on door frames and walls when ever I can to attempt to stabilise myself. Strangely though, I can ride my bike pretty well still, but walking and driving are very hard work whilst like this.

Walking upstairs to bed or the loo is hell. I feel like I’m trying to run up the stairs of a fast moving double decker bus, with traffic-calming in the road making the bus bump. I wobble worse when I move more, but closing my eyes makes me very faint. I think that’s why walking up to bed at night is so much worse, darkness and stairs! A double whammy if you will.

I am now in bed, and still rocking, and have been all night long. In a state of constant moving is awful. My back aches from this now, and I’m waking up exhausted each day.

The medication should kick in soon, I hope! But until then I wish I could just stay still. I need to get better soon, I have a new test date for driving, less than two weeks away, and of course the skydive is soon, just three weeks now.

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