Ridiculously Good Cleaning 4

Well I’ve just tried out the CillitBang I won from @Melandjake99 on twitter recently and am so stunned after cleaning my shower that I decided I’d have to photo review the loo, I just have to share these photos (sorry).

This next picture is the loo from hell. No amount of bleach, scrubbing, descaler, bog cleaner, more scrubbing and swearing under breath would shift this limescale. This really was a harsh test.


This was flushed and then water removed by moving loo brush up and down to get it past the U-bend so the spray would touch the scale directly not too diluted.


Sprayed rather a lot, so all scale covered in foam. And waited two to three mins.


Quick scrub over, then flushed…


Seriously! It’s gone, the limescale is in flakes in the bottom of the bowl. I’ve been trying years to get this white! Years.

Ok, it’s a bit sad I got excited by this isn’t it? But if you’ve got toilet issues get to the shops for CillitBang quick. *chucks out the bleach*

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