Ridiculously Good Cleaning 4

Well I’ve just tried out the CillitBang I won from @Melandjake99 on twitter recently and am so stunned after cleaning my shower that I decided I’d have to photo review the loo, I just have to share these photos (sorry). This next picture is the loo from hell. No amount of bleach, scrubbing, descaler, bog cleaner, more scrubbing and swearing under breath would shift this limescale. This really was a harsh test.

Why I Would Love a New Bathroom

Over on Tots100 they are hosting a blogging competition with Bathshop321 with the chance to win a new bathroom. Count me in! I’ve had a look over on the website and this is the suite I like… Picture from Bathshop321 We haven’t had much luck with bathrooms, remember the disaster of a bathroom I blogged photos of recently? We had a decent quality bathroom and paid for quality fixtures, and for it to be installed by their men, approximately £5000 and it wasn’t even done right! A fresh start would be awesome, rip out anything that reminds me of the local cowboys. We could keep the wall covering and the ceiling light, and my little mirrored bathroom cabinet, but everything else could go. Ok, maybe I would keep the shower as it is already installed in to the wall, but everything else needs to go! I would like everything removed, […]

You call this expert bathroom fitting?

Ok then, a little vent is needed….A couple of years back I paid a small fortune to have our bathroom fitted by a local, well known company. They advertised themselves as quality and good service. Well I disagree rather! A few days ago British Gas kindly came out and unblocked my bath pipes. We had tried everything, the foamer gels, several bottles of bleach and the hair dissolving stuff for bathroom pipes. Nothing worked, so I phoned BG and a kind young chap was here the next afternoon. He tried the plunger etc like I had already, then decided the only thing to do was take off the side panel and disassemble the pipes to find the problem. No complaint at all with BG it’s just they were why I discovered the poor fitting. The side panel had been bodge fitted, was too large, so they had sawn some off […]