Why I Would Love a New Bathroom

Over on Tots100 they are hosting a blogging competition with Bathshop321 with the chance to win a new bathroom. Count me in!

I’ve had a look over on the website and this is the suite I like…

Picture from Bathshop321

We haven’t had much luck with bathrooms, remember the disaster of a bathroom I blogged photos of recently? We had a decent quality bathroom and paid for quality fixtures, and for it to be installed by their men, approximately £5000 and it wasn’t even done right!

A fresh start would be awesome, rip out anything that reminds me of the local cowboys. We could keep the wall covering and the ceiling light, and my little mirrored bathroom cabinet, but everything else could go. Ok, maybe I would keep the shower as it is already installed in to the wall, but everything else needs to go!

I would like everything removed, including the lino flooring so I can get the floor reinforced, laying thick plywood sheets over the entire floor and nailing it down. Part of the problem with the last bathroom install was that the floor was not fixed, despite the company saying they would. If you have old, damaged, wet floor boards, always fix the floor before the new bathroom is installed. By putting ply all over our floor it should spread the weight across several boards at once making it stronger and less creaky.

Next I would like a fitter, of the non cowboy variety, to come in and install the Alpha suite as pictured above, and I would like him to bring a plumber friend with him. I could make cuppas and sarnies, heck I might even buy cake. Bribe the workmen, and get the job done right first time.

Then I would love a little self indulgence, a TV in my bathroom. Yup, a pointless bit of tech, or is it? I think this particular telly is ace, it has a waterproof remote, and built in Freeview and radio stations! I could sing in the shower, or my sons could watch Dave channel, they adore Top Gear. Partner could watch local news reports for traffic or weather whilst having a wash. But the really great thing about this, watching grown up telly in the bath, and safely. Can you imagine, Eastenders or Corrie whilst in a warm bath full of posh bubbles and no kiddies saying “ohhhh Mum, this is so boring, MUMMMM can I watch cars now? Mum?”

Most things would be in the same locations they are in now, as we have not got a massive bathroom to work with, and we are happy with the locations we put things in last time. On to the floor, I want something non slip, like this gem I’ve found at carpetright, it is interesting and safe as it has a slight texture to it making it harder to slip over on. Pretty funky isn’t it?

What else? The small details! Loo roll holders, brushes, towel rails and all that. I do not need a heater as the bathroom heater is relatively new as the old one broke, like I said no luck in that bathroom whatsoever.
I already have some items from the IKEA Grundtal range in my bathroom so I would just add the hand towel hook, the bathroom scales, and this mad loo seat. It is silver metallic on the top, with translucent plastic as the rim.

My existing bathroom has plastic boarding on the walls with grey and black squiggles on a white background, hence my choice of flooring was the opposite. The existing finishing touches such as the light puller and the shower are all in a brushed stainless steel colour, so as these are all in good condition I would want to buy from the same ranges so you’d never know we are reusing “old” bits. Even the TV I choose from bathshop321 would blend nicely to this theme. Perfect!!

This is my entry in to the Tots100 bathroom competition linky, details are here.

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