Bad Start 1

Well what can I say, today didn’t start off great. I struggled to sleep again last night, and I’ve never been much of a morning person anyway, but this morning I didn’t see or hear my alarms. I have various alarm clocks, all set at slightly different times. First thing I see or hear today, not the alarms, but Blokey in a bad mood demanding I wake up now. He’s one of those people that wake up and *boom* he’s wide awake. I am not like that. I go through stages almost, starting off barely awake, slow and confused, I gradually realise I’m awake, and try to fight sleep, then eventually after about 30 to 40 minutes of being dazed I wake properly and stumble to the loo and brush my teeth. From then I’m ok, awake even if I’m feeling exhausted from good or bad dreams the night before. […]

Bad timing alert!

Just when you think you’re doing OK something has to go a bit wrong? I won’t name them but I’ll just say LS. LS is high in the company I work for, like very high up indeed and they are visiting my store for a random check up. I’ve never met anyone from head office, and I am so paranoid about it! Worked for them over a year. I don’t fit in I’m not corporate, I don’t know company facts figures and jargon. And LS is coming on the first morning of Sale, to watch Me, and thing is first thing that morning I have a therapist session… the first real session as last time it was more a get to know you meeting. So this time round I might well leave the docs in tears. Fabulous….. fingers crossed LS is in fact a kind caring type of corporate person not […]