Pimping Out My Online Skills #JuliesCV 9

I need work, whilst I don’t think I can hold a normal job at the moment, the classic 9-5 is not right for me I do need some sort of income, sooo.. Here goes..

Typing away….

I have been out of work since October with depression and mental health. This in no way stops me writing or blogging but definitely impacts on my daily life, in particular speaking to people in person is very hard for me and leaving my house alone.

Yesterday my partner also got bad employment news. We thought he was lined up to be made redundant, which wouldn’t have been great news, but there would have been a redundancy payout by the company so that would have actually been OK.

What his bosses have done instead, is to demote him, including a pay cut as his job is “no longer needed”, and to keep his notice period at a massive 3 months which they know will greatly hinder his employment chances. He is getting on average one potential new employer or employment agency each week interested in employing him, that then back out once they hear the words “3 months notice”.
He was/is a manager level in a multi-national company, and that company is restructuring its IT so will no longer require any IT management in the UK, only across the pond.

Also at the end of March my sick pay runs out (half wage), so we will fast be on about 3/4 of partners income, and no income for me. Today its 1 & 1/2 incomes: a pretty massive jump I’m sure you’ll agree.

If I don’t do something we could lose the house, No, I’m sadly not exaggerating here. We are up the creek, and my paddle is broken!

Blogger for hire! (Rather like the A-Team, except I’d be the J-Team).

I want to “work” and am willing to write blog posts for cash, write reviews where I get to keep items I review if I feel my family and I could use the item. Whether that be writing here or elsewhere. I am also willing to consider hosting badges/adverts on this blog for a monthly fee, maybe other bloggers will sponsor my blog or companies buying up ad space. I’ve never offered paid advertising before, so am unsure of a fee to ask for, but feel free to make me an offer?

Pounds, Dollars, I’m not fussy, pretty much all work EXCEPT “sex text” work or immoral and illegal work considered at this point.

I’m not naive, I know this will not make up for a full time jobs wages, but I must try to do something, making an effort to support my family.

If you are a PR reading this please have a peek at my about me page, then click contact me at the top of the blog, if you are interested in letting me work with you.

If you are a friend or a fellow blogger or twitterer please pass this blog on to anyone you think may be able to offer me online work. This post going viral would be perfect as potential employers are more likely to see my post. I am using the tag #JuliesCV whenever I tweet it out.

Another way you might be able to help is by joining one of the cashback sites via by sidebar badges (TCB and Quidco), if you join and go shopping via those sites I could earn a few pounds on their “refer a friend” schemes, although that will not pay the mortgage, it would help cover bread and milk at the local co-op shop.

As regular readers will know, I do love entering competitions so if you see any good ones to win money or household goods feel free to tweet them at me. Anything useful and I will have a go.

I know this might seem like begging, but consider it a pitch, an online CV, at least I am being creative and trying to provide for my boys. I realise it’s in an unconventional way, but if you don’t ask you don’t get!


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9 thoughts on “Pimping Out My Online Skills #JuliesCV

  • JamJar

    Hi Julie
    I understand your situation. My partner has been off work waiting for further surgery on his back after having a discectomy that went wrong and due to a series of events I’ve been off work since July last year suffering with depression, anxiety and I also have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome.
    Financial worries obviously add to the depression.
    I got 8 weeks CSP, then my SSP ran out in January so had the stress of claiming ESA. Work had not been supportive at all so this week I quit and am looking at HR freelancing, writing, baking and other possibilites that I can do that will fit around my POTS and depression.
    I wish you the best of luck.
    Take care.

  • Julie Roo

    Thank you kindly for the reply.

    If I was any good at baking I’d have a go at that, sadly I’m much better at eating cake than cooking it.

    Yesterday I had the letter from work that says SSP is over and had benefit forms attached. Not good that. Jobcenter is a scary place.

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve also been unwell, but lovely to have someone that understands reading my posts, welcome to Mummys Random Blog jam jar 😀

  • EmmaT

    Check out mystery shopping if you’re in a town. You can get meals and expenses. And online surveys can tot up quickly if you have the time to do them for extra pocket money (handy for Christmas and birthday presents at least.

    (don’t get too despondent about the 3 months notice – I guess it depends on the industry, but I’ve had 2-3 months notice and that was standard. Didn’t cause too much problem for me finding new jobs. But if your OH’s not signed the new contract, speak to someone like CAB as it sounds wrong that he’s not been offered redundancy or a compromise agreement to leave – I was under the impression that they should try and find a similar level suitable job which they’ve obviously not done. I’d also try and change the notice period with the argument that he’s lost out in every area.

  • New Mum Online

    Hi Honey. I was a HR Manager prior to redundancy. HOW have they got away with doing that to him? They can only reduce his salary WITH HIS CONSENT to a change in terms and conditions. To get consent they would have to offer a sweetner, which in this case would be him asking for a shorter notice period and them saying yes.
    The only way they can do what they have done is to let him go on his old terms and re-engage him on new terms.

    I can’t help you financially but would love to give your other half some HR advice.


    • Julie Roo

      Liska, I love you! 🙂

      Its not an offical “salary drop” i got it wrong. its a total freeze on all bonuses, overtime or perks. Whilst thats not salary as such, it is income to us.

      OH thinks he’s not got much of a leg to stand on as he’s worked for them a year and a half, he seems to think “severeance pay” is only compulsary if you’ve worked for a company for 2 years or more? Is that right?

      When OH said to his stupid “boss” about the notice period plus the demotion is entrapment and unfair, she told him “well resign then, then you can look for jobs whilst your’e on notice.”
      Pretty sure she can’t say that either! **insert four letter word here** ing annoyed. LOL

  • Julie Roo

    He’s still arguing (erm, in talks) with the HR teams of the company he works for and the companies that bought that company out. It’s all fun!!

    He said he’ll do temp/contracting work if he has too. Problem there is your temp placement could last 2 days or 2 months, so hard to plan for. Fingers crossed it’ll be ok in the end.