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Firstly I know it is not yet Spring, but January is a great time to have a proper clear out after all the chaos of Christmas. If your garden has been effected by all the heavy rain, like my poor garden has, I bet the carpet is a bit of a wreck? Around the same time I got Freya Woof, I got myself a cheap (entry level) Vax carpet washer ready for, erm, wet patches. I am extremely glad I bought this, but I keep thinking I should have forked out a little more for a better model like this one.


My overworked Vax being given a difficult test.

I love my Vax and Blokey has previously accused me of being obsessed with washing the floor since I bought it. I’m not obsessed with cleaning, but I will admit I love seeing so much dirt come out of a carpet that looks clean, then just pouring it away. Most of this dirt is muddy foot prints from the kids and the dog, rather than anything sinister. The reason I’d prefer the Vax cleaners that John Lewis are selling is because they have the stair tool thingymabob, basically a pipe that you can use on the sofa, or the stairs, so it is mainly an upright type cleaner, but with extra uses. I’ll be honest, the day I Vaxed the bed following an accident I was thinking “man, why didn’t I pay more and get the Deluxe version with the pipe!?!” Simply cleaning the bed with the pipe and stair tool would have been much easier than standing on my bed pushing and pulling the whole cleaner across a surface that dents as you put weight on it. It wasn’t easy, but it still did the job.

John Lewis Vax screengrab

Can I have this please?

You can see the John Lewis vacuum department here but I’d suggest having a nosey the clearance section first, January is skint month after all.

That said if money was no object I would definitely be buying a robotic vacuum cleaner. Finally something Tomorrow’s World TV show promised has happened. The down side is they are between £300 and £600 but you have no idea how much I want one of these gizmos. (Santa, you’re listening right?)

Robot vacuum cleaners

The future is now….

You charge them up and just leave them scooting about sucking dust and crumbs and fluff off of the carpet. I think the best thing is let it go when you are in bed at night so you don’t stand on it and kill your robot by mistake. Luckily all of the vacuums sold by John Lewis have a 2 year (or longer) guarantee on “parts and labour” included at the moment, but I don’t think this extends to stomping on your Roomba, or squishing your Scooba. Sorry!

A few lazy cleaning tips from me….

Vacuum the ceiling edges to clear the spiders webs.

Dishwasher the kids bath toys to get rid of that green algae stuff.

Tie non machine washable items, like bras, in to cotton shopping bags with the handles tied up tight and wash on 30 degrees instead of hand-washing.

Buy bleach bathroom spray and spray on the loo, bin lid (or anything else manky) and leave overnight. No scrubbing nasty marks or things you don’t want to even touch again. Wipe it over in the morning.

Now the best tip. Link your kids pocket money to simple chores they can do, so you don’t have to! Bonus.


Disclosure: This post is in association with John Lewis. I have been compensated for my time, but the words are my own.

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