Christmas Shopping 5

I’ve made an early start on Christmas presents and have a few people’s gifts sorted already.

The gift I’m proudest of, and a blindingly good price are these photos for family.


The photo collage prints cost 99p each for 10 x 8 inch on snapfish, and the frames are from poundland, and it’s a real glass window on it, not perspex as I would have expected of a cheap item.

I’ve got some toys hidden for the boys, Lego Chima that was a token collect thing in a newspaper. A pair of Nerf “dart tag” guns that were on offer at a supermarket, I need to buy extra Velcro darts for these, but as it’s over 2 months until the big red chap turns up I’m hoping to find these on a special offer somewhere. Probably eBay or Amazon.

For a male relative I bought some funky coloured and patterned trouser braces online, they are being sent from abroad but as it’s so early I won’t have to panic about delivery times. Five pairs were under a tenner including delivery, in the city center today I saw braces at a whopping £19 each.

If you want Crimbo crafts 99p store had a few kids sets, I’ve seen similar items at Wilko for £2.50 to £5 so I’d recommend these for pre Crimbo crafting. The pound shop ones are ok, but limited. Wilko have many more to choose from.

B&M had some great male jokey gifts. Sudoku bog roll, face/ar$€ soap and sponges, and the classic beer hats that hold two cans and a long straw. Worth a look if you do a secret Santa at work.

Also now is a good time for wrapping paper, I picked up 3 rolls for a quid at poundland recently and it’s not that bad. I never leave this until the last minute as the better value paper is sold out. You get stuck with the £5 a roll stuff!!


Have you been buying early, or are you a Christmas Eve panic buyer?

I’m linking this to PinkOddys Christmas blog hop.

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