Today was the Christmas rugby match

We all went to Gloucester Rugby today. I was wearing my Gloucester rugby shirt with my name on, with a bah humbug hat. Blending in!

Todays match was a total sell out. Crammed full, a bit squashed actually. If wasn’t with partner I’d have freaked out, I had a rant to him about the woman behind us. Kept touching me accidentally, please don’t touch me. :-/ He told me to chill out, and held my hand.

It started off ok and Jen was sharing packets of sweets with the stewards.
Then a regular Gloucester fan who isn’t that young was dressed up as Santa was walking about with a bucket of sweets, he’s in the middle photo but it blurred. My lads chased after Santa and took a single sweet each, not a handful like some cheeky kids.

What I thought was fun was Gloucester were running a fun thing. Tag photos a certain hashtag and they showed them on the big screens. Hehe, I sent loads of my boys and bloke as my partner doesn’t like being photo’d. It kept me busy mucking about with my phone.

He might have sworn when he saw his mug shot up there. Haha, sorry dear.

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