Elves! Elves! 2

Well it is again that time of year,
When everybody should be of great cheer.
Not everyone is happy though as it’s cold and wet outside,
A lot of us just want to snuggle up and hide.

But not those dear Elves,
To get the must-have toys on the shops shelves,
They have been working every day and night
Alas the prices still give Mum’s and Dad’s a fright!

An elf must be short and wear bright green,
And never ever be mean.
For they make the toys,
For all our little girls and boys.

Gifts made with love and care,
Perfect for a family to share.
Just remember when you pack away your Christmas tree,
Take it down with care in case an Elf you do see!!

I wrote this in response to Tots100 December blogger challenge. Considering I have not written poetry in years I think I did pretty well, if I do say so myself.

Christmas went OK after Santa cordoned off the tree and gifts, and my boys did indeed back down and behave better for a while. Sadly I had a bit of a blip and woke up crying my eyes out in the early hours of Boxing Day. A really vivid dream about my Nan, not a big surprise as this was the first Christmas since she died in May. I miss her a lot! I didn’t “do” Christmas cards this year, I found last years I never got around to posting in my under-bed Crimbo box of cards, bows, labels and wrapping papers.

A card simply addressed to Mildge, and that was it, I couldn’t write any more. I felt so guilty that I had forgotten to post a card to her, and it was her last Christmas. Haven’t told partner yet why I woke him by sobbing uncontrollably. Isn’t it weird how it is easier to write these things, than say them out loud?

This photo shows D’s efforts at helping me.

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