Soaking wet and clean piggy 3

Poor old Dotty was pretty stinky so I’ve just had to wash him.
He is an elderly rescued guinea pig, and unfortunately has some old boy habits. He regularly wets himself in his sleep, hence the shocking smell. He also has badly twisted feet meaning attempts at cutting his claws always end with him very stressed and me feeling guilty for hurting him. Just keep reminding myself his feet were broken and bent when I homed him, and I’m only cutting his nails to help him walk without being in pain. And to do this I have to make him upset and uncomfortable.

Right now the old lad is sat on my lap, wrapped in a towel and almost asleep. Looking much nicer, and smelling of apples with claws a teeny bit shorter.

I’ve added this to a nice blog hop….

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3 thoughts on “Soaking wet and clean piggy

  • brinkofbedlam

    So cute! It’s awful when you have to do stuff with them that upsets them, but it’s for their own good. He’ll be a lot happier now he doesn’t smell funny and his feet won’t hurt any more. :O)

  • Naomi Knows

    Hi! Was emailed a link to your blog by Katy from Media Yeti, so just wanted to pop by! 🙂

    Dotty’s adorable! And he looks very well taken care of 🙂 I’m not very good with anything small that moves… I’m such a big baby, but if he was a zhu-zhu guinea pig, I’d be all over him! lol

    Naomi xxx

  • ButtonF1Fan

    I’ve never had a zhu zhu but I’m not sure would survive here. I was given a furby by my partner as a Christmas present one year, and they are so dull! The only artificial pet I think I wouldn’t get bored of is an Aibo robotic dog. They rock! Well except the price of them, eek.

    Nice of Katy to do that too, cheers Katy.