Update on Doris’ leg 5

Last week I discovered Doris had a lump. I spoke to the vets and got her looked at. She had a few visits, and I had a few phone calls with the vets for me. The last visit our vet told me that she has an uncommon condition – the lump is actually mainly calcium and bone based.


Doris' leg and shoulder.

As her x-ray shows, the lump got snapped away from her bone slightly, but it was solidly joined earlier in the week before investigation. My poor woofer, she didn’t seem in pain but it still can’t be too comfortable.


The lump was tested

She likes the staff at our vets, but she’s not as enthusiastic about going there as Freya Woof is. Freya starts excitedly whimpering and crying in the car park and pulls towards the front door. I’m pleased that I don’t have to drag either of them in though, I have seen some dog owners dragging a dog-shaped-brick on the end of leash across the shiny floor. I’ve had hounds like that, so I don’t feel too guilty chuckling at these dogs.

After much care and testing Doris is now booked in for surgery to completely remove this in a few days. I’ll photo a section of the lab report as I do not truly understand it. The important thing is that it is unlikely to return after surgery, but if it was left there it could keep growing and as it is on the joint could eventually stop her leg from moving freely. When he was suggesting that she required surgery, but the lump wasn’t causing pain or going to kill her, I almost felt like he was trying to persuade me that it was worth the cost.

This is why I am grateful for insurance, okay I pay a monthly fee and I pay an excess each time something is needed, but after its passed £100 I don’t care anymore. I’d hate having to decide whether or not she could receive treatment based on whether Blokey had done enough overtime or if it was an expensive month, like August and the Back To School shopping.


Let's get her back healthy and happy.

The only thing I am worried about is how many bald patches she’s going to have by the end of the week. I just hope that we avoid a cone of shame, knowing her she would get stuck in a doorway or underneath a kids bed!

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5 thoughts on “Update on Doris’ leg

  • Pinkoddy

    When we were considering getting a dog everyone told me that the insurance was a big necessity – I mean if we had no NHS you wouldn’t not cover yourselves and family would you. I am glad it isn’t anything more serious and hope it all goes well.

    • Julie Martin Post author

      I’m glad we have an NHS!
      Doris should be fine, but she will be totally under for this operation so there is a little risk. I feel confident it’s all good though, and she’ll be fine as long as they don’t send her home in a dog lampshade.

    • Julie Martin Post author

      I’m sure she’ll be fine. I popped in to the vets again today. I was concerned about the swelling around the lump after the biopsy etc but it is okay they said. And if it’s not they are chopping her lump away on Friday anyway. So the current scar is getting reopened really.