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This week Freya Woof has been trying out Hills Ideal Balance dog food courtesy of PetShop. After a slow change from her normal food to Hills I can confirm the woofer hound likes the “chicken and brown rice” variety of Hills ideal balance dry food.

Hills dry food

The food is in the form of lots of small circular shape biscuits. It looks a bit boring, all the same colour and size. Her usual brand Wagg is all different shapes and colours but it turns out Freya is not bothered by the shapes or colours.

After initial hesitation to try something new Freya shoved her snout big nose into the bowl to eat the Hills and pushed the Wagg bits on to the kitchen floor. Well if that isn’t saying she likes it I don’t know what is.

woofer eating

We are luckily past the stealing and hiding food she likes stage, I wouldn’t want these little biscuits underneath the sofa. Treading on these is not my idea of fun. At around £50 for a 12kg bag this Hills is not cheap, but it doesn’t smell funky, Freya likes it and it seems to suit her fussy little tummy. For comparison purposes her usual Wagg is around £13 for 12kg. I might buy a smaller bag of Hills every now and then as a treat or as a change but I just think £50 is a bit steep for us right now.

dog food and water bowls

PetShop sell several brands of pet food including Hills, Wagg, Purina, Almo and Pedigree. Having checked the prices of brands I buy in local shops the prices on PS are so similar, and postage is free on orders over £20.

bottomless bowl

I might even start buying my bunny food from them, much easier than driving to the farm shop.

Disclosure : Freya was sent a 12kg bag of Hills Ideal Balance in return for my honest post about her opinion on it.


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