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Freya loves Wagg food and treats, so we were delighted when Dalton the Wagg woofer invited Freya to be part of “Dalton’s pack” reviewers. It’s great working with a brand we buy and love already.

We’ve tried Freya on a few types of dog munch since she was adopted in October, but in total honesty she spat other brands of food out. With treats she loves her Wagg treats, but will take other brands too. Although she has her limits, Wilko value dog biscuits were a step too cheap. She refused them out right, all except the yellow ones. My hound knows what she likes and that’s fine. She also likes to steal meat that has been allowed a few moments to cool in our kitchen before serving, but that’s another story!

The lovely people at Wagg sent Freya a little parcel of love earlier in December and she’s been happily taste testing it.


When the parcel arrived she hugged HER treats.

In the parcel was Waggmmm’s biscuits which we already know she adores, a packet of Wagg training treats, a rope toy and a box of Wagg complete kennel in beef and veg.


Complete Kennel.

Her mission was to review this and I’m happy to tell you she loves the stuff. She’d eat it straight from the box (think of a kid with a box of Fruit Loop cereal) if she could. Although it is a dry food we pour a little kettle water over it and leave it a few mins before serving. This means its easier to eat, but with some crunch still and also its warm in her tummy. She definitely prefers it damp, not swimming in water or bone dry. This is a trick the Dog’s trust staff told us, the smell makes your pooch hungry like the smell of fresh bread does for a lot of people.

It is currently in shops in 1kg boxes, which are available in lot’s of places but Poundland is the best price, and they stock Waggmmm’s treats too.


Bargain price, but not "cheap tat".

Buying inexpensive food doesn’t mean it has to be cheap and nasty quality. It is also available at Wilkinson and should be for sale in Tesco and Asda early next year. Also there is going to be a 6kg bag on sale which is better than buying 6 boxes and having them in plastic bags – double packaging that is. *Shudders*

Anywho the facty bit is coming up.
Wagg kennel beef and veg is a complete food for working or active dogs which contains 22% protein. It has wheat and maize for the carbs to provide energy and has added vitamins including A, C & E as well as several of the B vitamins which are (I’m told) helpful to their nervous systems and metabolism.
Compared to other dry foods on the market it contains a “mid-level” range of vitamins which Wagg say “is more than enough to maintain a dog in good health”.

It’s low in fat, but still has omega 6 and 3 to help the coat and skin. Whilst I can’t report any improvement in Freya’s fur I also can’t see anything negative happening to it either. Its not got fake colours and flavourings, its natural which is great.

By far the best line on the info sheet from Wagg is this gem – “kennel contains yucca plant which can help reduce odours from flatulence.” which is a very polite way of writing makes your hounds farts whiff less. I was cynical about that line but our Freya Woof is a farter alright, specialising in them silent but deadly farts that make you leave the room. She’s still a gassy mutt but the pong is less offensive. Can’t believe I’m talking about Dog Farts but there you go, it seems I am!

Freya and I would happily recommend this to neighbours and dog owners in the park. It’s a winner at 9 out of 10…. With that single mark being lost for convenience – the dry Wagg she normally eats comes in big sacks of 15kg at a time from pet food shops. We like to have what we need and spare too as Freya is underweight still from being stray, so we are feeding her more than the average dog but this is based on advice from the dog’s trust and our vets.
It’s long term slight over-feeding rather than a crash diet type of thing. Trying to bulk out a previously starved pet too fast is never smart, they’d be all fat and no muscles and their health would suffer. As with all dog food, read the packets and check it’s right for you pal before you buy.


Happy Woof

Ohh and while I’m talking dog things at Christmas time I feel I must shout

I received something nice free in return for this honest post.

I received a free product in return for this honest post. My opinions are not affected.

Disclosure : Wagg sent Freya treats and food in return for reviewing their food. The photos and opinions are our own. And I’m sorry for talking about farts!

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