“Wagg Kennel Is Yummy” – Freya Woof 4

Freya loves Wagg food and treats, so we were delighted when Dalton the Wagg woofer invited Freya to be part of “Dalton’s pack” reviewers. It’s great working with a brand we buy and love already. We’ve tried Freya on a few types of dog munch since she was adopted in October, but in total honesty she spat other brands of food out. With treats she loves her Wagg treats, but will take other brands too. Although she has her limits, Wilko value dog biscuits were a step too cheap. She refused them out right, all except the yellow ones. My hound knows what she likes and that’s fine. She also likes to steal meat that has been allowed a few moments to cool in our kitchen before serving, but that’s another story! The lovely people at Wagg sent Freya a little parcel of love earlier in December and she’s been […]

Shloer Crafternoon Tea and WIN (ended) a Bottle 30

Recently I attended Shloer’s brilliant blogger event “crafternoon tea”. It was cakes and posh sandwiches, coffee and crafting with a whole lot of Shloer. Fabulous idea! A lovely dinning room in a posh hotel, and the Makery were teaching us how to make homemade hearts as Christmas tree decorations from ribbons and small bits of fabrics, and buttons and things. I made 2 hearts when I was with Shloer, and now I’m tempted to upcycle old clothing into gifts. Who wouldn’t want a homemade tree decoration made with love by a friend or relative? If only I had a sewing machine, I’d be dangerous!

Stigma – Do I Look Mental? #MentalPatient 5

Well twitter was a fun place tonight. An awful lot of people are deeply offended, upset, angered or plain livid with ASDA and Tesco. If you missed it I’m sure you’ll read about it soon. It’s not the costume that offends me so much as the name. Mental patient. I’m a mental patient actually, thanks ASDA. Read Nickie’s post on this costume. It has offended me and I am not really buying ASDAs “sorry” tweets. Way to go, fuel stigma and prejudice.   Do I look mental? Is there a uniform my psychotherapist forgot to issue me with? If I was cooking and had a big knife would that be a Halloween worthy look? Can you tell by looking at me I’m nuts? Mental? Medicated?

Do Supermarkets Confuse Consumers With Copy-Cat Labelling? 3

Screen shot from Tesco.com A Which? report has revealed that many consumers are confused and annoyed that supermarkets use labels and packaging that is similar to well-known brands. Well maybe I’m unusual, but I like that they look the same. I’m a mum on a tight budget and when Jen goes on about “Dr Pepper” which is often nearly £2 I can say “yes, ok you an have a treat” and pick up the copy cat Dr Pop one at around 70p. I can see its not the same product, the printed labels aren’t identical so I do not feel its confusing, from my point of view its I can buy something that looks very similar, tastes the same but is less than half the price. Why wouldn’t you like that? I had a quick nosey online at one of the big four supermarkets (Tesco just because I shop there, […]

Review of Dr.Beckmann laundry products

Recently Dr.Beckmann were kind enough to send me a few products to try. Dr.Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector First of the products I tried was the washing sheets. These catch colours that end up in the water so it doesn’t soak in to other items. I was a bit sceptical of these and have seen them for sale in shops before. The thing is we have many items we wash separately as they are multi coloured and don’t match pale or dark laundry loads, such as our rugby shirts. These are navy blue, bright red and white cotton. A colour run nightmare waiting to happen.I mixed these items all in one load…. Pale, bright vivid colour and black! I would never mix these colours normally.Action…. Blurry action…Very pleased to say my Elmo pj top didn’t get ruined!And final photo to show you some used sheets versus an unused one. I wasn’t […]

One evil job application down…

It’s taken a few days, but thanks to lots of help from Hubby, for which I owe him “favours”, the Tesco job application is done. I really do need a new job now, I’ve been trying hard to get a more suitable job or career for around 8 months, maybe more. It’s got to a stage where I’ve nothing to look forwards to, as even days off are overshadowed by the dread of going back to work the next day. If I don’t find a job soon I am very tempted to ask my doctors to sicknote me, sign me off for depression. I’ve had depression for years, mostly ignored and untreated. If they give me one of those questionaires about happiness I would fail, when did you last laugh? How often do you cry? Do you have friends? If you don’t know the questionaire consider yourself lucky. X Would […]

My Cars 2 fan 2

Little Jen has been banging on about Lewis Hamilton’s character in Cars 2. He watches the DVD about once a week, has has been know to sleep hugging a Cars jigsaw puzzle! Definately the boys favourite film. There is a small set of toy cars at around £4 to £5, similar sizing to Hot Wheels but not quite. Jen already has Lightening McQueen, Mater and Francesco… but had seen Lewis in photos on the back of other cars packaging. He really wanted Lewis, but seems he was rare. I had never seen one “in the flesh” until this weekend. I had read other cars fans in Twitter struggling to get a Lewis car. @f1_LewisFan I’m looking at you! He saw that photo you tweeted ages ago as he was next to me.There are none in sainsburys, Asda, argos, Debenhams, or toys are us! So Jen went shopping with daddy on […]

Wombling! Do you Womble?

If you’ve not heard the term wombling before it means picking up thrown away things. Now I don’t mean routing through other peoples rubbish, more like keeping your eyes open in supermarket car parks. If you recognise that shops vouchers you can spot them a mile off. For example Tesco “till spit” vouchers are those ones printed immeadiately with the receipt at the till. Always on white till paper, almost always the same length of paper. If you see it, pick them up! Might be money off petrol or something else you need! Another one is recycling bins, often there are points collect tokens or codes in newspapers or on side of drinks bottles. Again, whilst I wouldn’t rummage, I have been known to pick up a bottle/newspaper and take the code or token off and place it in the next open recycling box on recycling lorry day. Or keeping […]

Christmas shopping, skint style

Well we are off out, but we are paying in nectar points, gift cards, and Tesco clubcard double up points vouchers. Also been buying things on paypal funds which I’ve “earned” via quidco and online surveys. November wasn’t a good month, I was on holiday (which was fabulous but killed us in childcare), then I lost a few days sick, then tax credits sent us a £2k demand, sorry “invoice” due to them making mistakes EVERY year since my kids were born, and us duely informing them everytime. Family, be warned, you’re all getting 3for2 offer smellies from the nectar points, please fake a smile when you open them!