Stigma – Do I Look Mental? #MentalPatient 5

Well twitter was a fun place tonight. An awful lot of people are deeply offended, upset, angered or plain livid with ASDA and Tesco. If you missed it I’m sure you’ll read about it soon. It’s not the costume that offends me so much as the name. Mental patient. I’m a mental patient actually, thanks ASDA. Read Nickie’s post on this costume. It has offended me and I am not really buying ASDAs “sorry” tweets. Way to go, fuel stigma and prejudice.   Do I look mental? Is there a uniform my psychotherapist forgot to issue me with? If I was cooking and had a big knife would that be a Halloween worthy look? Can you tell by looking at me I’m nuts? Mental? Medicated?

Back to school, and first day!

Well today D went back to school, which was a relief for him and us to be honest. During school holidays he gets so bored and angry, he becomes very hard to cope with. Little Jen on the other hand starts school on Monday morning. I find this odd, as its the same school. Jen wants to go to school very much, and I think he will enjoy it but I’m also concerned is he as smart as his peers? Will he be bullied? I remember clearly, D could write many words, and short sentences before he started school and has always shown a huge talent for maths. Jen can’t write although does attempt some names, mummy, daddy etc. He gets his name nearly correct by saying it so slow he breaks it down, and then gets all the constentents right but not the vowels. Is that normal for a […]

Unhappy Campers

Well, a lovely week camping last week is being ruined this week by chav teenagers bullying us, although mainly bullying/heckling my Hubby.The night before last our car was keyed in the night on the rear behind passenger door, the night before this was keyed same place but on petrol tank side. Several times in last few days we’ve found certain tent pegs pulled right out. As seasoned campers we both can not see how this was happening to the same few pegs, despite being reattached and none of the nearby pegs moved at all, even in rain and windy weather we had a few nights ago. This evening the little punks (best non swearing word I can think of right now) started shouting names at Hubby. He doesn’t react, so I respect his choice, although they were doing thus over an hour. Now I wonder what will our car look like […]