Money saving for your car 2

Good afternoon readers, today I am posting in partnership with Debt Free Direct and the making money go further blog. They were kind enough to spend me a “car money saving kit”, a black and decker car vacuum, jump leads, spare light bulbs and an electronic tyre inflator. Jump leads are boring to be honest, and I hope I never need these but they are likely to come in extremely handy when camping. For some reason we always seem to get approached by camping “neighbours” asking for jump leads and help. Maybe we look all sensible or something? The bulbs are a cheap way to save a few quid – if you are driving with a blown bulb you could get a nasty fine and it would also fail on the MOT test. In fact the only point Custard had on the MOT was a wrong bulb. One tiny bulb cost […]

Benefits Vs Privilege

The lovely Eliza had a bit of a rant at the weekend, she calls this “Sunday Soapbox” and if you haven’t read it, I really think you should. Sunday Soapbox. Privilege. Few things anger me more than the privileged few telling the rest of us what we’re doing wrong. Those who are born into money, a comfortable lifestyle, who have easy access to everything that makes life more enjoyable, to a good education, to support and success, and to employment and more of the same in adulthood, do not understand poverty. They do not understand poverty. They do not understand the difficulties that people in their own towns and cities are living with, right now. They do not understand that being poor is not a choice that people make because they are lazy. They do not understand that for some further education is not an option. They do not understand that […]

I get the car on Saturday

Yup, thats right, I bought the car! I am now a car owner for the first time. How grown up. I will add a photo on Saturday, but shes yellowish gold coloured. A ten year old Peugeot 307, with no real damage and a perfect engine.I’ve sorted insurance, although I need to get my provisional licence sorted out… I have had my photo taken- by Jessops. Such a shame about them. The car tax and MOT is being arranged by the car garage. So if I’m right all I need now is a driving test. Oh yeah, finally going to get independent. Sadly it’s only because of Nans will money, but she would be impressed I’ve used it on something sensible, useful and not just blown it on clothes or shoes. I think I’m going to name my car “Custard” unless anyone cares to suggest other names

Working Mums…. 2

I was emailed this weekend by Save The Children about something I feel strongly about as it effects us. Below in speech marks is quoted from save the Children’s email to me this weekend. I’m a working Mum, and I work for pence not pounds after childcare, I’m in childcare poverty/debt! I earn £6.90 an hour, pre tax which I get no discounts on such as working family tax credit. I pay £3.25 an hour childcare for one, and £6 an hour when both are in care. So during school hours its okish, after 3.15pm I’m working for free / at a loss. The only way I actually afford food is by skipping the break entitlements I have, as I don’t get paid for this time, and cycling or walking EVERYWHERE even in snow. I made the mistake of using the bus a few times last year, on those days, […]

Christmas shopping, skint style

Well we are off out, but we are paying in nectar points, gift cards, and Tesco clubcard double up points vouchers. Also been buying things on paypal funds which I’ve “earned” via quidco and online surveys. November wasn’t a good month, I was on holiday (which was fabulous but killed us in childcare), then I lost a few days sick, then tax credits sent us a £2k demand, sorry “invoice” due to them making mistakes EVERY year since my kids were born, and us duely informing them everytime. Family, be warned, you’re all getting 3for2 offer smellies from the nectar points, please fake a smile when you open them!

I love my Hubby

I woke up late, with a headache. He’s already got kids fed and watching Mickey mouse to keep them calm. Better than that, he’s done my self assesment tax return for me. I keep forgetting, and it carries a hundred pounds late fine. So if your reading this, go do it now whilst you’re thinking about it? Why is it due just after Christmas, no one is up for tax forms at yule!