Daily archives: January 15, 2013

I get the car on Saturday

Yup, thats right, I bought the car! I am now a car owner for the first time. How grown up. I will add a photo on Saturday, but shes yellowish gold coloured. A ten year old Peugeot 307, with no real damage and a perfect engine.I’ve sorted insurance, although I need to get my provisional licence sorted out… I have had my photo taken- by Jessops. Such a shame about them. The car tax and MOT is being arranged by the car garage. So if I’m right all I need now is a driving test. Oh yeah, finally going to get independent. Sadly it’s only because of Nans will money, but she would be impressed I’ve used it on something sensible, useful and not just blown it on clothes or shoes. I think I’m going to name my car “Custard” unless anyone cares to suggest other names

Child making me feel guilty…

According to little Jen I’m a bad mother because I said he has to go to school. He has BoyFlu and he’s really playing on it. He’s not even got a temperature just the snot and sniffles. As l mentioned yesterday my bike tyre gave up. So instead of me giving him a lift on this bitter morning we had to walk. Cue twenty mins of this! Screaming like a banshee the entire way. Leaning towards traffic as we walked. He wouldn’t hold my hand, instead I was required to keep a vice like grip on his little hand to keep him safe. Not stopping screaming once not even when he was telling me I’m nasty, mean and a horrid mummy. Why wont he just believe me… School is compulsory. I get to school and his teachers are sickly nice towards him. Almost validating his reasons for a strop. “Come […]