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Good afternoon readers, today I am posting in partnership with Debt Free Direct and the making money go further blog. They were kind enough to spend me a “car money saving kit”, a black and decker car vacuum, jump leads, spare light bulbs and an electronic tyre inflator.

Jump leads are boring to be honest, and I hope I never need these but they are likely to come in extremely handy when camping. For some reason we always seem to get approached by camping “neighbours” asking for jump leads and help. Maybe we look all sensible or something? The bulbs are a cheap way to save a few quid – if you are driving with a blown bulb you could get a nasty fine and it would also fail on the MOT test. In fact the only point Custard had on the MOT was a wrong bulb. One tiny bulb cost me a fiver. I paid it, but next time I’ll just grab the spares in my boot and fit it myself.

A tyre pump with a digital display is great, and I won’t be feeding the pumps at petrol stations my silver coins any longer. Even better it can be used on the kids bikes, footballs and even the inflatable swimming pool. Yay!
The making money go further blog has made an infographic (which I have chopped in half here so it loads better).


Petrol is the super doper scarily expensive bit.

Service stations on motorways and dual carriageways may be convenient, but that convenience comes at a price – 7.5p per litre, in fact. That’s how much more you’ll pay when you fill up at a service station forecourt, rather than your local station, so plan ahead where possible to avoid being stung. To find out where’s the cheapest place to fill up in your area, visit

With Custard the main costs except for petrol is the tax, insurance and non-avoidable things. I can’t reduce the tax bill, sorry, but I can suggest you use search and comparison engines or cashback websites to get the best discounts you can on the insurance. It might be a bit of a faff searching, then checking elsewhere, but you can half your bill if you’re lucky.

Another thing most car owners can save a few pounds on is cleaning their car. So many people take their cars to car washes, whether that be the “hand wash” types or those big drive-in style car torture chambers.

English: The typical car wash view from the in...

Inside the car wash (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Get your bucket and sponge or hosepipe out. It can be a lot of fun actually. When you see it as a chore it is so boring but washing the car with your partner or children can be ace when it becomes a water versus bubbles fight. For example my kiddies aiming the hose at me whilst I am trying to shift the dirt using a bubbley soapy sponge.

The best thing we ever got for our cars was a washing brush that attaches to a hosepipe fitting instead of a normal sprayer and it spreads an even amount of car shampoo with the water. If I’m feeling lazy I just jet wash it. Blokey had bought himself a cheapo pressure washer at Halfords, if I remember rightly it was £35 which is about what he’d spend on 3 hand car washes down at the garage, which means its totally paid for itself now. Plus having a car vacuum is going to make it dead easy compared to running extension leads over the road to plug in the Dyson (we can’t always park nearer as some neighbours have 3 cars). It will also get used camping because it has a nice long cable. It would be a huge time saver, seriously have you ever tried sweeping sand out of a tent with a fully joined ground sheet?


I can't find the tyre gauge, Blokey must have borrowed it.

Check things like oil and water regularly, maybe set a memo/alarm in the calendar of your phone so it reminds you once a month to do some checks. Whilst I can’t say the bulbs or jump leads have saved me any money yet they definitely have potential. The pump and the vacuum though definitely are saving me money.


D cleaning my Custard.


Tired from cleaning!

Why not pop over to MMGF and see if you can get some tips that might save you. It is not all about debt, I would say its more frugal than banking. Do you have any money saving advice for car owners?


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