It’s big energy saving week 3

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I like to be eco where I can. We can all do little things, like use the half flush button on the toilet, and turning things like TVs and laptops off rather than putting them in to standby. Standby mode is so wasteful, a quick bit of number bashing on a calculator suggests it about £5/10 a year for a TV left in standby. I bet you don’t think much about lighting your house though. We do not any have any old fashioned ones left in our home, we have a mix of energy saver bulbs and LED’s. Even in the attic we’ve got energy bulbs, I bet that you attic or your garage/shed is where you’ll find your worse performing bulbs still being used. I know some people will say they “already have bulbs so why buy new before they give up?” and normally I’d agree with that logic. But think about it a moment, according to the Energy Saving Trust the bulbs I think of as energy saving bulbs (CFL’s) are 75-80% more efficient on power use than old fashioned bulbs. An old fashioned bulb I think cost around £1-2, and modern ones I pay around £6-8 for, and these super efficient LED types are around £20-30.  This could save you 3 figures, easily worth a few quid price difference on the energy saving bulbs. I know LED are rather pricey up front, but they use so little power I personally think it’s worth it. But if you want to just spend a little and save a little less get the £6-8 ish kind, it’s still going to help. Maybe pop the cheaper energy bulbs in the bedrooms, and put the better ones in the room you spend most time in such as your living room? To show my point here is the price comparison of 75W old fashioned bulbs, against LED bulbs with equivalent brightness to 75W.

Savings are approx

Click the image to have a compare for yourself.

That’s not a shabby saving really now is it?

Won’t Cost the Earth – An infographic by LightBulbs-Direct to promote the Benefits of LED Bulbs for ‘Big Energy Saving Week’. To view the full image click here.

Take a peek at the energy saving calculator here.


Other tips I would give you for money saving on the energy bills, and being a little more eco.

  • Knock one degree off of the heating thermostat if you can.
  • If you shower above a bath stick the plug in. Use this water to water your house plants.
  • If you watch TV in bed use a timer facility in the settings if you have it. That way  if you fall asleep before the end of the film it won’t be running until dawn.
  • Try not to run washing machines or dishwashers half empty. If you need to then use the “half load” button – it reduces water and energy used.
  • Defrost your freezer before a “big shop” as being iced over at the edges makes it more expensive to run.
  • Turn off lights as you leave rooms – why can’t my boys do this still?!?
  • Open curtains in the mornings to get free natural lighting, and close them up in the early evenings to trap some warmth in before the outside temperature drops off.
  • Oh yes, Shut that door. “Were you born in an barn?”

You don’t have to be “tight” to save a few pounds, and waste less – but it helps! Mainly use some common sense, think about what you waste and I reckon you could easily reduce that carbon footprint. GO!

Disclosure : I have not been paid to post this, but I have been promised this colour changing bulb as a gift for sharing the infographic. Words are my own thoughts and honest opinions, images are by

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3 thoughts on “It’s big energy saving week

  • Lauranne

    Since getting my own house and having to pay the bills myself I have become so ‘tight’ about my electric use. I think part of the problem is I am dreading getting a massive bill landing on my doorstep. This wouldn’t be a problem but british gas are officially shit and despite me trying for almost a year they have still failed to get me onto the actual tariff I want!! Grrrr