Puppy and the poppies 4

Today I was walking the woof and saw a wasteland area behind huge ugly railings, full of glorious poppies. It begged to be photographed.


This is a semi-demolished factory site.

Freya sniffs poppy

Sniff sniff sniff.

Poppies in a metal fence

Bright red.

A deep orange poppy

Deep orange.

Wasteland can be beautiful

Hello flower.

Wasteland can be beautiful

There is just something about it being ugly and pretty.

a cat of wasteland

WOOF WOOF BARK WOOF! My photography was stopped as this cat showed up.

Do you have any wasteland worthy of photos? Maybe some cute hedgerows? Go on, get outside and photo the flowers. It will be Autumn before we know it.

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4 thoughts on “Puppy and the poppies

  • Lauranne

    Lovely photos and I think some waste land can be so beautiful!! In other news, I was going to get some poppies in my garden until I was told that poppies are toxic to dogs?!

    • JulieRoo Post author

      Oh if they are toxic i was unaware, but she only smells not eats them luckily.

      Okay, I’ve just checked the dogstrust pdf of poisons. Its only “harmful if eaten in quantities.”

      • Lauranne

        So no force feeding them! Oooh then maybe I can have some poppies in my garden as due to the throughway thing I’m always going to be with them if either of them our outside – happy dance!

  • Lisa from Lisa's Life

    I love poppies and hadn’t read that about dogs; I’ll double check as I have always grown them and Stella happily sniffs at them with no ill-effects (paws crossed.)

    Lovely to see 🙂