Wombling! Do you Womble?

If you’ve not heard the term wombling before it means picking up thrown away things. Now I don’t mean routing through other peoples rubbish, more like keeping your eyes open in supermarket car parks.

If you recognise that shops vouchers you can spot them a mile off. For example Tesco “till spit” vouchers are those ones printed immeadiately with the receipt at the till. Always on white till paper, almost always the same length of paper. If you see it, pick them up! Might be money off petrol or something else you need!

Another one is recycling bins, often there are points collect tokens or codes in newspapers or on side of drinks bottles. Again, whilst I wouldn’t rummage, I have been known to pick up a bottle/newspaper and take the code or token off and place it in the next open recycling box on recycling lorry day.

Or keeping your eyes open near McDonald’s when thier monopoly stickers are on. You wouldn’t believe how many free food stickers are dropped on floor. One time I collected about 20 stickers, mainly breakfast items and fruit as those are the things people just don’t want to claim. I gave the whole lot to a homeless man selling big issue, said I’ve got no money, but I can give you free breakkie for over a week. He was happy, random kindness is a good feeling!

At the moment I was hoping to womble a cravendale bottle code, I’m just 1 code away from a Kermit backpack, but don’t need anymore milk yet.

It’s just like walking past a 10 or 20p coin on the floor, I bet you all pocket those? 🙂

Plus you can feel good of you pick up something from the floor and use it, that’s being rewarded for recycling that is.

After writing this I wombled an indoor rabbit hutch! It was left on top of someones wheely bin, so I politely knocked and asked. The lady said “yeah have it” so I evicted my son from the seat on my bike, and walked home balancing it on my bike. RESULT!

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