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Recently I attended Shloer’s brilliant blogger event “crafternoon tea”. It was cakes and posh sandwiches, coffee and crafting with a whole lot of Shloer.

Fabulous idea! A lovely dinning room in a posh hotel, and the Makery were teaching us how to make homemade hearts as Christmas tree decorations from ribbons and small bits of fabrics, and buttons and things. I made 2 hearts when I was with Shloer, and now I’m tempted to upcycle old clothing into gifts. Who wouldn’t want a homemade tree decoration made with love by a friend or relative? If only I had a sewing machine, I’d be dangerous!

Anyway, back to the bubbly. Shloer has been going for years, I used to drink it as a child and pretend I had real wine in my glass at Christmas dinners with Mum, Nan and Gramps. I felt “all growed up” sipping wine. But for some reason I’ve not bought it much as an adult, but it is ideal for someone like myself, with an alcohol allergy. Most of the time when we go out for a meal I end up drinking things I dislike because pubs and restaurants in my area seem unable to serve anything non-alcoholic except Cola, coffee, or a certain over-sugared juice drink in a glass bottle. I’m sure you know which Juice drink I am talking 2 you abOut. Hint! I feel like a child, I feel like people will assume I’m pregnant or in AA rehab or something as I have to ask questions about whether it’s got “ale” flavouring in that wonderful smelling pie, or the real ale. I tend to go with what I know, boring safe things.

So when one of the lovely Shloer ladies told me Toby carvery is meant to sell Shloer I was shocked, I’ve never been offered this when I’ve asked “what do you have that’s not alcoholic or for kids?” which is a bit sad, as I would have loved to look grown up – and I don’t even like drinking a ton of cola. Other restuaraunts also serve Shloer, so if you are a designated driver, have an allergy, are pregnant or just having a mini detox, check out this list of pubs that serve Shloer.

Whilst I’m mentioning eating and drinking out, please please don’t drink and drive, at Christmas, New years or ever.

Well now they’ve got something new for us, Shloer Celebration. It has a proper cork, not a screw top, and it pops open, and looks, well, posher!

Image courtesy of Shloer on Facebook

Image courtesy of Shloer on Facebook

I totally vouch for the Pink Fizz, I was assured it was non-alcoholic, but it tasted like the real-deal. It definitely wasn’t alcoholic as I remained well and had no allergy issues. Buy it for Christmas, I already have. Now when Blokey has himself a nice bottle of something French or Australian cooking Crimbo dinner, I can be popping open something much more local as Shloer are based only a few miles from my home. I won’t feel left out. One of the other ladies at the Crafternoon Tea event said it tasted so “real” she was going to have actual Rose wine and buy Shloer for the mother-in-law to tame the alcohol induced mood swings later on Christmas and Boxing day. (No, I won’t say which lady!)

While other flavours of Shloer are available in many places the Celebration is only in Tesco at the moment I believe, but check this stockist list on for which shops sell which types as I’m sure they will be moving in to more stores as soon as they can.

Shloers contains no preservatives, artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings, using only the finest ingredients. The two new flavours join the existing nine: White Grape, Red Grape, Rose, Apple and White Grape, White Grape, Raspberry and Cranberry, White Grape & Elderflower, Raspberry & Rhubarb Punch limited edition.

Also next year there is a top secret new flavour coming out, and I loved it. I was a teeny bit pushy trying to get the Shloer ladies to tell me what it was, sorry about that. But enthusiasm is good right? *hides shamefully*

What my fellow bloggers thought……

Carolin said – Crafternoon tea with Shloer.

Joy said – Shloer celebration.

Helen said – Getting crafty with Shloer.

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Disclosure : I’ve been offered traveling expenses and attended a fun event. We each left with a goody bag containing a free bottle of Celebration, 2 beautiful tree decorations, Lindt reindeers and a candy cane. A lovely touch! My opinions remain honest.

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