PetFace for dogs

During the Easter holidays my hounds had a few new treats and toys.


Lots of toys and treats from Pet Face.
I hadn’t heard of this company before but I must say I like the products.  The rubbery “crystal” toy is a favourite with Freya. It has a strong bung you shove in the bottom of the crystal, that smells a bit like marmite.  She’s been trying super hard to get it but only manages to nibble away tiny pieces so far. Whilst the rubber toy is fine this bung is a bit worse for wear, but PetFace were kind enough to even send refills for it.


Cat crinkle bag. Cat café treats. Dog deli. Toyz for dogs.

We were also sent some cat café products,  but we have no moggies but FreyaWoof and DorisDog will nibble happily on these. The crinkle cat bag is great for felines or canines too, my hounds are very nosey when I come back from shops, so I wasn’t suprised they like this. I just put some treats in the bag, fold the top over a bit and leave the girls to find it.

The Toyz range for dogs is great, and Doris prefers the rope ball and Freya has the crinkle dumbbell. It makes a fabulous noise as she chews it. The dog deli treats were premium quality. I call the chicken one (pink label) “fake bacon” as it really reminded me of bacon to look at.

PetFace also have all kinds of other products from dog collars and baskets to hamster cages and bunny hutches.  Check them out on twitter @PetfacePets where they hold competitions and are friendly. 


DorisDog eating dog deli chicken strips.

I highly recommend the Toyz range.

Disclosure : The items photographed about were given to my hounds by PetFace so I could write this post. My opinions are honest.

There was also a cat toy laser pointer but my eldest son nicked it!

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