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A little while ago House of Fraser asked me to pick a new dress. For me that is a challenge, I’m not great at buying clothes for myself.
However I had a rummage through the massive selection online – it took me about two hours, really. I am so indecisive. In the end I sent a short list and was sent a surprise from my choices. It was an adorable skater dress with huge sleeves.

Alice & You

I am not really this white. The sun was going down and caused a strange effect.

It is strange, its the type of thing I used to hate, it reminds me of the curtains in my late Grandparents garage but now I kind of like oranges and browns. This is a great mixture of subtle (almost boring) colours swirled into a fantastic print, but the shape is the killer. The skirt from the waist is a full circle. If I spin on the spot it will be out flat like Upsy Daisy from in the Night Garden but with more style.

Skater dress and leggings

Are you wondering why my legs are covered?

The dress I received is by “Alice & You” and the ticket price is £35. I often buy Pri..k dresses but the quality is noticeably better here. In two weeks I’ve worn the dress 6 times including 2 blogger events. Yes, that’s wearing it pretty much as soon as it comes in off the washing line. I don’t think the novelty is about to wear off, its my new favourite dress. There is however one flaw, it’s not long enough. In the listing on HoF website it looks knee length front and rear on the model. Well it might be long enough if you aren’t as tall as me, I’m 6 foot. But this is a size 18 dress and whilst it fits the shoulders, waist and hips of a larger lass like me they hadn’t considered the rear. You see you don’t just need it wider in places you need it to be longer at the bum so it goes round the round bits. Yes, I am doubley “plus sized”.

In complete honesty I cannot wear this without leggings or shorts or tights. I cannot lean forwards at all, and I must sit by curtseying, not how I normally would. The hem at the back sits exactly at the fold between my bum and legs. I do however have a cunning plan. Lace, lots and lots of lace.


Do you think this will go?

I’ve bought 6 yards of this and will be adding it all around the bottom hem, with an extra row at the back too. I think I chose a colour/style that will compliment the dress and add to the retro Seventies feeling. I really want to be able to wear this with bare legs.

Very short

Close up of the print and more of me.

What is your favourite dress?


Disclosure : I was given this dress to review. My opinions are honest and my own.

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