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Hello there readers, I’m pleased today to be writing about
They are a photo canvas printing company, and they have kindly been working with lots of bloggers lately so you’ve probably heard of them already?


From when I was offered a canvas to review, and when it arrived was not long – about a week. I received text messages from the delivery company, which was a lovely touch.

Your Canvas Print parcel for delivery today between 10:44-11:44 by Interlink driver Steve
Options at
1= Deliver to neighbour

To have this level of choice over delivery is great. If I was out I could have just replied simply with the number 1. I don’t know about you, but I hate getting those Red “Sorry we missed you…. Please drive to some industrial park or other” cards.

In this case the driver was within his hour slot, polite and the parcel was undamaged – he even stroked Freya dog and had a little chat.





As you can see the canvas colours are slightly different looking to my photo, her jacket looks a bit blue. The detail is brilliant though, I can see every bit of feathery fur on those ears, how much muddy water is dripping from her fluffy tail, I can even see her scars. Hopefully you don’t see the scars, but the details are all there for sure, for me seeing scars that she’s got from when she was stray aren’t nice, but my Freya is healing and improving.

The prices on the canvas design site are already brilliant but if you type in the code BLOG15 you’ll get 15% discount. How cool is that?

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