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Today, as I bet every parent knows, is World Book Day. It is a day I often dread, and I know I’m not the only parent that struggles with WBD dress up outfits.

But this year its all good, Jokers masquerade online costume shop have sent us a Batman outfit for Jen. Oddly though his school aren’t dressing up today, they are doing it tomorrow instead. Confusion followed as a few kids were in fancy dress, I felt so bad for the lad in a fluffy lion suit this morning. A photo of Jen will be added here tomorrow.


The Batman outfit is made by Rubies fancy dress, which is a brand I have heard of before. It is in 3 main pieces, the all-in-one body suit, a mask with the cape attached to it, and a rubbery belt. The suit is like a big onesie, which opens at the back, so not tricky to get on. The chest of this has a fake six-pack look, with a foam ribbed section. At the end of the trousers it has shoe covering bits (think like baby booties, minus soles) which have a small elastic strap you put by the heel of your little super heroes normal school shoes. This is good, because with a lot of fancy dress outfits the lads normal shoes stick out a mile off as wrong.

The cape and mask being all in one is pretty cool, Jen shoved it on and was running around shouting “I CAN FLLLLLLLYYYYYYY, I’m Superman!”. I reminded him Superman wears red, blue and yellow “yeah but not today Mum!”. The cape has a little bit of Velcro under the chin to help it stay on, but we preferred not to use this.

The belt is the weakest item I am afraid, it just doesn’t look cool – and I reckon this will be in Jen’s book bag before we make it to school tomorrow morning. Something to do with the metallic rubber not looking, well, metally. This is my only criticism.

The outfits on ‘s world book day section are a good price in my opinion too. Some of the outfits are less than a fiver.


I had a nosey about the site and found these pirate outfits, I bought the one in the top right (marked as £3.95) for Jen to use as a WBD costume last year. I paid £10 approximately from ebay (£6.50 plus postage). So I am confident these prices are pretty good, with this one being better than half price. Postage on starts at £2.99 for “click & collect” or £3.99 for “saver delivery” which is 4-5 days.


Next Halloween why not ditch the lame supermarket outfits and get something a bit better? It’s not all kids outfits either, there are tons of adult sized outfits and costumes. If you’ve got a stag do or hen night coming up, have a peek. The prices vary, I found a cool Brainiac t-shirt for a tiny £4.95, and the most expensive item I found was a Queen of Hearts dress costume at a huge £128.45, I think I can safely say all budgets are covered for bargain hunters to blow the budget parties.
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Disclosure – I was sent a Batman costume to write about in this post. My opinions remain honest. The professional images are screenshots from website.

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