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Keep your pet warm this Winter 2

It should come as no surprise to regular readers of this blog that I adore my dog. Well Freya Woof hates the cold, and being a Saluki she really is not built to cope with the cold weather. She certainly lets us know when she is cold too, dragging her bed so it’s in front of the newly fitted fireplace or burying herself underneath Jen’s duvet with her head on a teddy. She is such a big baby. Well there are things you can do to help out chilly hounds. Coats and jumpers are the easiest way, but not all dogs like them. You could always put a hot water bottle under your hounds bed, blanket or basket but these don’t stay warm very long. Don’t fret, PetShopBowl has you covered. They sell something called Snugglesafe* which is good for bunnies, cats, dogs and lots of other pets – Microwave it […]

Batman fancy dress outfit review –

Today, as I bet every parent knows, is World Book Day. It is a day I often dread, and I know I’m not the only parent that struggles with WBD dress up outfits. But this year its all good, Jokers masquerade online costume shop have sent us a Batman outfit for Jen. Oddly though his school aren’t dressing up today, they are doing it tomorrow instead. Confusion followed as a few kids were in fancy dress, I felt so bad for the lad in a fluffy lion suit this morning. A photo of Jen will be added here tomorrow. The Batman outfit is made by Rubies fancy dress, which is a brand I have heard of before. It is in 3 main pieces, the all-in-one body suit, a mask with the cape attached to it, and a rubbery belt. The suit is like a big onesie, which opens at the […]

Went out last night….

For the first time since December (Hubby work xmas party) i went out.Was somewhat amusing as was a group of us, mainly women and we were in fancy dress. I was a ladybug. 😛 I didn’t think i looked good…. But apparently im gorgeous and i can confirm men like pig tails. I got given a guys phone number, not that i wanted it or will phone it but so nice to feel attractive. Was out mainly with co workers as my neighbour who happens to be my neighbour, invited us out for a birthday night out. Was her birthday a few days ago. As readers will probably know, i can’t have alcohol, but the other girls made up for my not drinking! This led to a few interesting conversations, and dare i say it, my opinions of people have changed. The quiet girl is dead naughty and the one […]