Making Up Memories 2

I recently won a £100 Groupon voucher, which I’m so grateful for. Thanks again to Luci at blog. A few months back the school photographers came in to class and the pictures they took were awful. Jen was dressed all wonky, shirt hanging out and disinterest all over his face. D was cross eyed and bored.   This will be the only year my boys are at the same school as D is top year juniors and Jen started at infants this year.We were upset the photos were so poor. It was like having a memory stolen from us. We had been looking at professional photo studios, and partner said “the boys Will need a good haircut first?” so we were looking at a three figure sum to fix this. Then I saw this on my Groupon app: “Family Photoshoot With Two Children’s Haircuts, Canvas Print and Additional Prints […]