Review of Dr.Beckmann laundry products

Recently Dr.Beckmann were kind enough to send me a few products to try.

Dr.Beckmann Colour & Dirt Collector
 First of the products I tried was the washing sheets. These catch colours that end up in the water so it doesn’t soak in to other items. I was a bit sceptical of these and have seen them for sale in shops before. The thing is we have many items we wash separately as they are multi coloured and don’t match pale or dark laundry loads, such as our rugby shirts. These are navy blue, bright red and white cotton. A colour run nightmare waiting to happen.
I mixed these items all in one load…. Pale, bright vivid colour and black! I would never mix these colours normally.

Blurry action…
Very pleased to say my Elmo pj top didn’t get ruined!
And final photo to show you some used sheets versus an unused one. I wasn’t expecting it to look that dirty!

I think these are fab, and they could easily save families money. Instead of doing a couple of loads for black and pale colours, and another for whites, then half loads for your awkward bits just bung these sheets in. I’d still not mix black and whites, whites always will be separate here as partner would freak if he got a pink shirt! However I do honestly think I could was red and white together and get away with it with these in the wash. Awesome!

Dr.Beckmann Service-it,  Washing machine Cleaner
Whilst this item doesn’t make for good action photos it is a good product. Today I have actually just caused a slight blockage in my washing machine as my youngest got his sheep fur rug dirty. Officially this is non machine washable, but I would rather wash it and shrink it slightly than leave it dirty!! That is a little off topic though.

This cleaner does take some time and slight effort, its not like the other ones you just bung in to the soap draw. We have tried those types before but I often feel they do not really clean as well.

Directions for use:


  • Pour a small amount of Service-It onto a clean cloth and wipe the rubber seal around the door, rinse thoroughly with a damp cloth.


  • Remove detergent drawer and soak for approx 30 minutes in a solution of 50ml product diluted in 4 litres of water. Rinse off any residue and insert back into the washing machine.


  • Pour the remaining content of the bottle into the detergent drawer and start main wash cycle (recommended 60C). Do not fill machine with washing, do not add detergent and do not use pre-wash cycle.

With my washing machine, it gets used many times a week, but we do have issues with mould spots on the rubber, and I scrub the soap draw area once a month anyway as laundry soap does leave a nasty residue.

The mouldy marks I was wiping with Service It.

And here is my hand.. Exciting eh?

Action…. Bubbles  and water being moved about.

As I suspected, not much to see when using this product. It smells much better, and the damp smell is gone, but I can’t photo this. I would say this is worth the slight effort, and works better than another brand I have used previously.

And finally…

Dr.Beckmann Dry-Clean Only
This is a product to save you a fortune if you have dry clean only uniforms or favourite dresses.
My partner wears suits for work, and the dry cleaners in town regularly take near enough twenty pounds from us for this service, so this is the product I really wanted to try. It comes as 3 large wipes in little waterproof sealed packets (similar to antiseptic wipes are packed).

The instructions are on the Inside of the box, not sure if this is genius, as less recycling, or a pain as I can no longer keep my 2 unused wipe packets in there.

Here are the offending suits, not only do they cost a fortune to buy but the up keep is pricey too. Unfortunately photoing black suits is tricky.

The label that means “Oooooh I’m going to cost you!”

Not anymore though. Use these wipes on the garments then tumble dry them with the sheet if there’s any moisture left in it, or use a new cloth in the tumble.

This was my first attempt at anything like this, and was probably a bit over cautious wiping at stains, but I can see a difference, and they smell better. I know my partner will still take them for a professional through clean every so often but for a interim tidy up this is great.

Service-It and Colour & Dirt Collector are available in major supermarkets, but at present Dry-Clean Only is only available online via Dr.Beckmanns own website at £3.49. Colour & Dirt collector is £3.20 online, and Service-it is £2.99 online, however these two were slightly cheaper instore at Tesco.

Sponsored post… I was sent these products free to try in exchange for writing this post, no payment whatsoever was received, and my thoughts are unbiased. I say what I really think.

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