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As you know it’s Valentine’s day shortly and I want to write about Blokey, almost to him.
StressFreePrint wanted bloggers to write open letters to loved ones, so here goes.

The poor guy gets a hard time living with me. At times I am extremely annoying to live with, I know I am, I hear myself being horrid and cringe. But it’s too late; the nasty words are already said.

the Mister

Him. That Blokey chap.

I love him because he can calm me down and helps me when I panic.  He cooks for me from scratch, he even bakes cakes. He is organised and sensible,  where I am ditzy and impulsive.  He helps with the lads a lot,  for many years he was the main parent and did every school run. He carries heavy things for me.  He holds doors open for strangers (and me). He always does the ironing. He does most of the driving.  He loads the dishwasher if I forget.  He sends me reminders for things like “please get xyz out of the freezer” because he knows I rarely look at the meal plan. Oh yes, he writes a meal plan and does the shopping around it.

He watches girly chick flick tv with me. He’ll even makes popcorn sometimes to go with it. He notices when I am cold before I mention it, and makes a cuppa. Most mornings there is a cup out for me, with a spoon and a little bit of milk and a warm kettle. He doesn’t moan about my height,  instead he secretly shops online and I get random gifts like tights from Russia or Poland – they seem to cater for the tallest ladies over there.

Dear Blokey, 
I love you. I think I always will. Even when you are annoying me I love you. I love that we became three,  then four,  and that you and I both agreed that is enough.  Oh and to ignore your snoring it must be love.

From Me.


Me and him.

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