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Below is an excerpt from an email I received this week about fertility and trying to conceive which got me thinking about the whole TTC business. Luckily these aren’t things I have had an issue with, if anything Blokey and I seem to be a very fertile combination. For a chap that has low testosterone levels I was surprised at how fast we got pregnant with the boys. It was within weeks of trying, not months. This was great whilst I wanted children, but for me 2 children is definitely enough – that and the tokophobia means I won’t be having anymore.


Recent surveys suggest that only a few women completely understand fertility. This is very sad and a little worrying to know. Not all women know that more than one in six couples has fertility issues at some point. It could be you or someone you know. Also, only few women know that there’s only about 2-4 days each month or cycle that a woman can physically get pregnant. That is called ovulation and is when a woman’s body releases the egg.

Furthermore, only few women also know that as they age, their fertility declines. A woman is most fertile in her early 20’s, as she has a set number of eggs that are released every month during menstrual period. Not only that, her body is also instinctual in releasing the best quality eggs first. This explains why older women, although not all, have difficulty trying to conceive compared to women in their early 20’s. Know more about fertility and trying to conceive by visiting*

Personally I think most women are very much more aware of fertility issues than the above quote implies especially about fertility declining as we age. I will never be TTC again, and I have had talks with doctors asking to be sterilised, but they refuse due to my age (early Thirties). For me personally it would be a better option as contraceptives and my body just do not agree.

If you are considering trying to get pregnant please take folic acid tablets as this one little thing can help prevent spina bifida. Don’t panic if you get pregnant accidentally though, quite a few foods have folic acid added to them these days (like breakfast cereal and bread) so you probably have been having a low dose of it, just start taking it as soon as you can. I think you can get prescribed the tablets, and pregnant women can get free prescriptions in the UK so no harm in asking at the doctors on one of your appointments. That is something I really don’t miss from pregnancy, so many doctor and hospital visits. Not all of them were planned visits though – my boys were tricky pregnancies. Don’t forget to get as much fruit and fresh foods as you can, I know someone who thinks taking vitamins means he doesn’t need to eat anything fresh – my son Jen.

That reminds me, pregnancy food craving. When I was carrying D it was pineapple and coconut juice, I even sent poor Blokey out at around 2AM one night to buy more. The weirdest thing I ate was picked onions dunked in low fat raspberry yogurt, which makes me cringe now just thinking about it.

If you’ve had weird pregnancy food cravings, what did you want to eat? Is it worse than pickle yogurt?


Disclosure : I received a small fee to include the link to PregnancyTips.

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