The one where I chat about fertility…. 1

Below is an excerpt from an email I received this week about fertility and trying to conceive which got me thinking about the whole TTC business. Luckily these aren’t things I have had an issue with, if anything Blokey and I seem to be a very fertile combination. For a chap that has low testosterone levels I was surprised at how fast we got pregnant with the boys. It was within weeks of trying, not months. This was great whilst I wanted children, but for me 2 children is definitely enough – that and the tokophobia means I won’t be having anymore. View image |

Just Found a Letter I Wrote 2

Sent to the lovely staff, not a rant at them… just getting it off my chest.   Sent: 15 April 2008 21:40 To: Midwife Subject: Hiya, my employers are pushing me too hard. Can you help me? Hello, Firstly thank you so much for having the ask a midwife bit on your website. 😀 I work at ********. I was working at a branch 5 miles from where I live, cycling each day. When I was planning a family I requested a transfer to my nearest store, that’s about a mile away. Since moving there, I told them as soon as it was confirmed by doctors, that I was pregnant. That was around 5 to 7 weeks into pregnancy. I’m now 6 months preg, my work load is increasing, rather than respecting that I’m preg and giving me slightly less work. I feel its sexual discrimination if I’m honest. My […]