The Tale of Benjamin Bunny 2

Today after the school run I went to Coop to buy milk and bread. On my way back things got a little weird.

Near school a mum is walking towards me with a large white and black rabbit, with papillon markings. He was adorable but was obvious this lady was clearly not known to the bunny, you could see this on his face. Calm and friendly but not at home.

I stop her and ask is bunny lost. I was concerned for a moment might have been my Patch rabbit as he was the right size, age and markings on him were almost identical to Patch. I realised it wasn’t him, not enough white on his nose triangle, phew! My boy wasn’t in danger. 🙂

The other mum asks me what I know about this bunny and I explain nothing but I was just concerned for him.

The lady keeps talking. On one of the houses on the street he was found a tenant had vacated the property, and just left him. He had been dumped a week ago.
No access to fresh water or food, just abandoned there, left in the garden like unwanted furniture. It seems a neighbour knew what was going on and admitted to this mummy she didn’t know how to look after rabbits, but had been throwing carrots and veg over the fence for him.

I feel angry and sad for this boy. He’s not a possession, pets are more like people, like family. How could someone just leave him, he could have died.

The other mum keeps talking, I say I’d very happily rehome him but she politely refuses. She said she had already fallen for the cute lad, and he did seem to accept her too. He had already been renamed Benjamin and was on the way to her house for “lots of hugs and food”. The RSPCA were contacted and with any luck the deserter can be traced. We do know the address and there are estate agent boards outside, I think the RSPCA can demand information can’t they, similar to police.

I just hope Benjamin is OK, not too stressed by this abandonment and that he’s not terminally ill. I can’t fathom why he would be left, unless they just couldn’t afford vet bills? But its not hard to rehome ill or old animals, my Dotty is proof of that. It didn’t matter to me how many faults he has, when we met him the “we belong” feeling was clear from my sons, Dotty guinea pig and myself.

Please please, if your pet needs rehoming try a poster in your window, a free to good home advert in local papers or even asking at local cafes to pop a sign up. Try googling for local animal shelters, heck even try a freecycle advert: But don’t abandon bunnies like Benjamin. X

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