Almost Late for School 1

Today has been one of those bad days, things getting on my nerves, some bad news and money worries.

On the way to school this morning it was dry as I walked out of the front door but chucking it down by the time I’d got my cycle from the garage. I pedal fast with Jen but the rain was right in our faces, and so was the wind. Then it stopped once I got him inside the classroom! Typical eh?

Then I came home and did some laundry. All seemed OK until I took the items out of the washer. Everything had brown powdery marks on them like someone had washed it in cocoa powder. I’ve no idea why this keeps happening every few washes recently.
Then I tried to use the toaster, but it failed. Was plugged in and turned on, put the bread in and pushed button, nothing!

I cleaned the dishwasher, emptied the food waste bins and then had another cuppa and reloaded the dishwasher.

Then after this a message from partner about his Dad. He had come Off his bicycle, and was in hospital. I was told to wait for updates. I’m not good at waiting. I still don’t know what happened but he’s been sent home bandaged up.

I went into my garden for some escapism, a bit of tidying up and gardening. I dug out the bottom of both compost bins and turned the remaining stuff in the bins. This isn’t easy! I gave up on that and rolled the lawn with an aerator. Our garden is utterly water logged and the chickens have trashed the lawn. The only grass left is under the bunny run, which I’ve left safely there to preserve a tiny bit of lawn. My last bit of green.

Next I moved the chickens coop and run onto the patio as I’m fed up of the muddy mess. Yeah I know, chickens aren’t keen on patios or hard ground but it won’t be forever.
It’s just I no longer want a slushy mess! I reckon a week of no chicks scratching and clawing the ground, might help? Oh and no more snow please!!

Then I moved the flower pots to the wall near the window. These used to have chillies and tomato plants in until the pets ate them. So in these miserable looking mud pots I took some sprouting bulbs from the hanging baskets and put a few in each empty pot. In a few weeks they might even look pretty.

Then I washed down the muddy path tiles where the chicks had buried it by digging in what is left of my veggie bed. So I hose off the tiles and sweep the muddy water away. The whole time the chicks are pacing up and down in their run and complaining I wasn’t letting them free range today. Then I move the bunny hutch away to the other side of patio and look at my phone, oh heck! I’ve been out here hours. It’s almost 3pm. School o’clock and here I am covered in mud, compost and chicken poop. Had no choice, did the school run looking like a tramp.

I grabbed my bike and managed to get there on time as this time the strong wind was coming from behind rather than in front of me.

In the school playground waiting for my littlest the phobia kicks in. I just want them to open the door and send Jen out really fast so I can hug him and go home. Get me out of here. :-/

From pretty much the moment I got home the kids were at war. I’ve been ranted at and told by Jen he hates me. D has been physical towards Jen again, and I just want to scream at both of them.

I’ve made dinner and the pets are all fed but I don’t really know how to tell my boys about their Grandad. Especially as there has been no good quiet moment. Their Daddy will have to in the morning.

It’s nearly D’s bed time, Jen is already asleep, but I wish it was me asleep instead.

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