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Valentine’s on the Cheap – it can be done!

Cake on Valentine's Day

Cake on Valentine’s Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia

On February 14th most of the restaurants and theatres are overcrowded, overpriced and the service is just plain dismal. By staying at home you’ll save the pennies, avoid the crowds and increase your intimacy.

Are you dreading the thought of spending yet another Valentine’s Day at home? Well, it doesn’t have to be drab and unimaginative. In fact, if you’re not off to one of the swish function rooms or wedding venues Brisbane or Sydney (or any other major city in Australia), why not plan something special for your Valentine without having to be out of pocket? But remember, these venues still offer your romantic options so you could still opt to go for the swish!

Here are some ideas for celebrating a special Valentine’s Day at home.

A Picnic by the Fireside

Pull the sofa up to a roaring fire, pour the champagne and place a strawberry at the bottom of the glass of extra special flavour. If you enjoy cooking, make a home cooked romantic meal or order from your favourite take out place. Don’t forget to have some mood-setting music going in the background. Write a love letter to your other half to read by the fire or read out a few pieces of poetry.

A Spa Night for Two

English: rose bunch

English: rose bunch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When your sweetheart gets home, run a hot bath and fill it with fragrant rose petals. Ask your florist for a packet of plain rose petals or even left over roses that are marked down. Pour a glass of wine and open a box of chocolates to enjoy while you share a relaxing bath.

Also prepare the bedroom by lining your bed with freshly fluffed towels. Place a bucket of warm water next to the bed, with a few washcloths and indulgent spa products. Start with an exfoliating scrub and the massage in a scented body moisturiser. Throw in a foot rub and then enjoy your favourite take out meal in bed complete with romantic movie playing.

Planning a Grown-up Night in

Sure the above all sounds like a romantic night in – and they are. But what about a Valentine’s Day filled with pampering and passion? Here’s what you can do: start the day off by sending your Valentine sweetheart out on and errand – you really just want to get them out of the house for a bit. If you don’t live together, then you’re already a step ahead. Now go and turn the lights out around most of the house and replace the lights you’re keeping on with low wattage bulbs. If it’s not that easy to change them, not to worry, simply place a lamp or LED candles in the stairways as a romantic mood-setter.

The next thing to do is to sprinkle rose petals (again, get a packet or a bunch of older roses from the florist to save money) and like a trail of breadcrumbs, sprinkle them from the front door, up the stairs and into the bedroom. You don’t need a lot of budget for a sexy night in. Put on a sexy outfit or lovely lingerie or lay out an outfit for your beloved.

Prepare a bowl or platter of aphrodisiacs to enjoy in bed. Choose items like chocolates, almonds, strawberries, raspberries and glasses of wine. For a little something extra, dip the almonds and strawberries in melted chocolate and chill in the fridge.

Fill the bedroom with loads of candles and switch off the lights while you await your Valentine sweetheart.

Final Thought

You don’t need to spend a fortune on a romantic Valentine’s Day surprise at wedding venues in Brisbane, for example. You might have all you need at home to create a memorable Valentine’s Day.


Disclosure : This post was contributed by MediaBuzzer, and not written by Julie.

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