Aveeno skin care – review 2

A little while back the boys and I received a little parcel of goodies. Aveeno body lotion, cream, bath oil, and a book for the lads.

image by @ReadLearnGrow

3 Aveeno products, a book and some leaflets

Ellie & Eddie is a book about a young girl and her pet gecko.

Scaly lizardlike skin is something I know about. I have had bad skin since I was small and have memories of bathing in nasty oil prescribed by doctors. It was so heavy, slimey and felt as though I had been dunked in a vat of warm lard. I remember the smell, and I remember falling over like a duckling on a frozen pond when trying to get out of the bath.

Aveeno bath & shower oil turns the water cloudy white as you can see in my photo, without a floating scum layer on the surface. It seems to spread fully around the water not sink.


My boys mainly have showers and this oil can be used quickly and easily by the kids. They don’t do body lotions – anything they feel is a no-no for my boys. So I explained they should use shower gel or soap like normal in the shower then use Aveeno oil a bit like a hair conditioner, rubbing into their skin after washing.

Obviously using the shower oil and the lotion or cream together would be best, but there is a slight improvement from just the oil.
I like to use the lotion on my legs before sticking on my favourite jeans. The smaller tube is a much thicker cream and is marvelous as a handbag cream.
I can’t say for sure the cream or lotion made much difference but I totally recommend the bath and shower oil.
I’ve been using the oil with my Panasonic epilator, it’s been a great combination. The epilator head just glides over my skin, I am softening and de-hairing my legs all at once. If you’ve got a wet and dry shaver or epilator have a go on your legs. It’s a thumbs up from me.

Disclosure : The products were supplied by Aveeno so we could try them out. My words are my own opinions and unbiased.

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