Goddess eyeliner by Eye of Horus – review 4

Following on from reviewing Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara* I was asked if I’d like to try out the Eye of Horus Goddess pencils. Yes, yes please. Firstly so you can see the colours clearly, here they are on my hand. The pencils are 2 in 1, either eyeliner, or eye shadow.  You just smudge newly drawn lines immediately using the special smudger at the other end of the pencil, it is similar to a sponge eye shadow applicator but notably without that nasty sharp bit of plastic they have.

These liners go on like normal kohl pencils but after about 1 minute is very hard to smudge, wipe away or blur. Panda eyes? Only if you do it on purpose!


Black smokey, emerald green and lazuli blue. Lines and smudged lines.

The next few photos are, in my opinion, a bit dodgy. I am a funny colour, and my skin is patchy, it is not your screen. Sorry but the dreaded man-flu has invaded this house, and with 3 lurgey ridden males I am now (quite literally!) a bit off colour.


Lazuli Eyes.


Lazuli blue liner on top, emerald green underneath.


Party eyeliner look.

These were taken a little while ago, and aren’t dodgy Yay! The lazuli blue is now permanently in my handbag. As you can see in the swatch image at the top the blue is glittery – this glitter is tiny, you can’t feel it at all. It sparkles in a purple-blue which is strikingly beautiful in my opinion.


Love love love this colour.

I love this photo

I am wearing Body Shop foundation, Rimmel Kate lipstick, Eye of Horus Goddess mascara* and Eye of Horus Goddess pencil in lazuli blue.

Be warned, do not blink when applying this product, it sets about a minute after application, then it is very hard to shift. Great stuff, unless you’ve made a mistake. If you want to use the smudger do it straight away, before it sets. If you put the lines on both eyes then try to smudger the first (like I found out) it will have set, and I had to use make up wipes and start again.
It is not cheap at £17 a pencil but it is nice to have one or two quality cosmetics in my make up bag. I would be tempted to buy the lazuli pencil again, maybe with Christmas or Birthday card money as a treat. I just adore the glittery sparkle, other sparkle eye pencils I have tried in the past either itched my sensitive eyes as the glitter was too large (so felt grainy) or they weren’t really that sparkley.
The emerald I would consider if it was cheaper, and the smokey eyes (black) I probably wouldn’t buy. It’s nice, and it stays put but I just wasn’t excited by it. If you like jet black liner though, and you wanted a good one you were willing to pay a higher price for then this is for you.

As you can probably tell, I am not a MUA, I just go with what I think is right that day.
Luckily Eye of Horus has about a dozen videos about their products, and some are simple to copy tutorials.

Disclosure : I was sent 3 Eye of Horus Goddess eye pencils to review honestly. The photos are my own work, and my opinions are honest. The other products I mention are my own.

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