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Back in summer, just before the trip to Italy we tried out Chicago town take style pizza.
Unsurprisingly looking a holiday to Italy, flights, dog and pet sitters, travel to the airport and time off for school meant I got distracted and forgot!
As it goes I was eating Chicago town pizza whilst packing for the Italy trip.


Packing for Italy.

We sometimes make our own pizza at home, and this makes us fussy about the pizza we will or won’t eat. The kids will nibble at, and then leave the rest of a cheapy own brand pizza. It has to feel and taste fresh, and I can honestly say these did not taste frozen.

I like take away and delivery pizza on the weekends as a treat but my word it is expensive now. So Chicago town pizza is actually a great option, they look and smell like freshly delivered pizzas but cost a few pounds each not a tenner.

I was sent vouchers to get this pizza for free because I had volunteered to do the blogger skydive they were hosting. Sadly I was a tiny bit over the weight limit – literally a couple of pounds. I was gutted, as I wanted to jump with Michelle and would have been great to meet the other bloggers too such as Carrianne an CallieRose. Although I am scared (really scared) of heights I wanted to do it to help with my #MMskydive fundraising efforts.

I wish I could have been there, but Michelle is also part of team #MMskydive, and the donation links are still live to help the Lullaby Trust. Please give a little to one of the team if you can.

Righty, back to pizza I guess. It wasn’t bad, there are a few flavours to choose from and you can grab it in most of the big food shops.

A few flavours from

A few flavours from

Disclosure : as stated above I was sent vouchers to try out Chicago Town Pizza.

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One thought on “Chicago town pizza

  • Lucas

    Pizza is the one dish that I cant get enough of it but delicious pizza is hard to find I will give Chicago Pizza a try.
    But if you are ever in central London do try MangiaTutto Pizza we will give you a free taste I am just curious if you like ours more than Chicago`s 🙂 take care