Beauty Favourites 5

My current favourite beauty products are the things I remembered to take camping with us.
Brilliant mascara, bold lipstick and lovely lip gloss.


The lipstick is Rimmel lasting finish by Kate Moss, colour 19. It is a strong noticeable colour that I have to wear with foundation, as otherwise it seems to highlight the scars on my face. I adore this colour, but as the photo shows its nearly all gone. Knowing how sods law works it is probably a discontinued range. It cost £4.50 ish.

The lip gloss is from Primark, it looks a bit like chubby stick by a much more expensive brand. The colour looks shockingly vivid phone box red until you apply it, but it’s more translucent with a clear hint of the vivid red. I know phone red lipstick is in right now, but I am one of the many girls who just can’t pull this style off and look ill or dead wearing it. This is a nod to the trend if you like. It was only £2.

The mascara is Eye of Horus, Goddess mascara and it is dynamite. I almost always get panda eyes with mascara but I gave Eye of Horus a mega test – I was wearing it to skydive in the rain whilst crying. I cried before, during and after the skydive – my skin was less than flawless as the tears had rinsed little lines through my foundation. My eyes though were unsmudged! That is one heck of a test, I am terrified of heights and dislike planes, and skydiving is definitely emotional overload.


In this photo I am wearing Kate lipstick, Horus Goddess mascara*,Body Shop foundation, and Horus eyeliner*.

It coped with body boarding in the rough Devon sea. It stayed fine in rain that washed my eyeshadow into a liney mess. It didn’t cope with a chlorine swimming pool, but I suspect the chlorine level was too high as me and my boys all had ouchy eyes afterwards, so it might cope in a normal swimming pool. That was an unfair test.


Eye of Horus products are inspired by the Ancient Egyptians. They are made from as much natural ingredients as possible, including moringa oil, waxes and jojoba. The are paraben free, which is good news. But the better news is it is not tested on animals.

I want to give Eye of Horus 11 out of 10 but I can count, so it has to have an awesome 10 out of 10. Very impressed, the downside is it’s a bit pricey but I had previously paid high prices for “amazing” products just to find they panda blur and worse, made my eyes itch.
With Eye of Horus I suggest it’s worth it’s higher price because it actually does what it should and stays put. I even fell asleep wearing it one day and didn’t wake up looking like a sad Piro clown. Yay and yay some more. Best mascara I’ve ever used, and I have tried loads over the years! It costs £19 which I know is steep but it is worth that in my opinion.

Disclosure : I was sent the mascara to try out, my opinions are honest though.

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