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Today I have a brilliantly written post from Adventures of Adam. It is all about HG or Hyperemesis Gravidarum, I am happy to report I never had this with my sons pregnancies, although I did have bad morning sickness both times. If you are suffering from HG then pop over to the blog for a bit of understanding and some great activities you can do with kids without feeling worse.

Without further ado, all of the following is written by Adventures of Adam. (Not me)


Finding the positives from a negative situation.

I had never heard of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) until I was 7 weeks pregnant and unable to function. I was vomiting 20-40 times a day and neither fluids nor solids would stay in. Even the mention of food made me vomit. HG is such a debilitating and all consuming condition that robbed me of everything during my pregnancy. I was unable to have any type of life, lost my independence due to needing full-time care and became dependent on my family and medication to keep me alive. The isolation and misunderstanding of the condition made the vomiting harder to deal with.

adam and 1

Throughout the pregnancy I spent over a month in hospital on a drip due to severe dehydration. I eventually found a combination of medicines that reduced the vomiting. However, even when the sickness was controlled the condition still took over my life. I felt dizzy all the time, was left confined to my couch with no energy and unable to prepare food myself. The nausea was unrelenting and felt worse than the sickness. My sense of smell heightened so much that I could not stand the smell of my own husband and couldn’t go near him without vomiting. I couldn’t go into our kitchen due to the smell and I was unable to wash myself due to the exhaustion. I couldn’t cope with noise, light, heat or movement. The only thing I could do was lay still and wait. This state went on for week after week, month after month.

hyperemesis adam grow

At the time I never thought anything positive could ever come out of those 9 months. However, on 2nd May 2012 my son Adam was born. Not only did I have this precious little boy in my life but the vomiting stopped instantly.

When Adam was 7 weeks old I found Pregnancy Sickness Support, the only UK charity that supports women with nausea and vomiting in pregnancy (NVP) and HG. I became a volunteer, supporting women through those lonely and scary nine months. Through the charity I have formed lifelong friendships and had the opportunity to develop a range of skills. I have recently become a trustee of the charity and hope that future generations of women will receive accurate information from healthcare professionals and the right support to survive this debilitating and isolating condition.

I also found blogging as a result of HG. When I was pregnant I vowed to make every day an adventure once I had recovered. Adventures of Adam is the outcome of completing a 100 day play challenge with Adam as part of that promise. “Play activities that won’t cost the earth but will mean the world to your little one” is the rationale behind the blog. I also provide HG-friendly play activities that require no preparation, do not involve smells or food and are easy to clean up. These activities mean women suffering from HG can still enjoy playing with their children whilst pregnant.

hyperemesis both of us

I am a stronger person as a result of HG. I value my health and the support of my immediate family as a result. If I can survive those nine months then I can survive anything that life throws at me.

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