Dramatic thunder storms 3

Monday night, Tuesday night and this morning (Wednesday) it has been like fireworks in the sky. I have got some video of it from last night which I can’t upload right now, but I will.

The night storms are strange, no wind or rain just thunder and lightening. At home me and the boys have never seen lightening without rain. It wasn’t just far away, the forks of lightening were flashing in all directions yet it remained dry. A very odd sensation.

This morning is more normal, heavy rain with thunder.


Wet porch.


It is still pretty though.

Sadly we no speakie de Italiano, so we haven’t a clue what to do on wet days as the pool is the big thing here, almost nothing inside except the bar.

For AltoMincio family park (where we are) you really need a car – it’s not close to other things and towns. So at the moment D is teaching Jen to play chess, but I know they’ll get bored of this.


Messy caravan but Chess!

The chess did not last long, they moved on to dominoes, doing a number snap version not the balancing type. This is better, way less rules than chess.

On the plus side we won’t get sunburnt any worse today. We have been using suncream but it really is very hot.


The boys stood by a traditional Italian building.

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